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Kenzo is a character in Spirit Tracks.[3]


Kenzo is an expert craftsman who specializes in bridge-building and lives alone in isolated abode within the Snow Realm, known as the Bridge Worker's Home.[4] When Link obtains the Ocean Rail Map and journeys to the Ocean Realm, he finds that the bridge to the Realm has fallen under dilapidation and is in need of immediate repair if he is to continue his adventure.[5] At the nearby Trading Post, Linebeck III mentions a bridge worker from the Snow Realm,[1] and suggests that Link ferry him to the broken bridge for their mutual benefit.[6] Link locates Kenzo at his home and informs him of the job, which he readily accepts, implying that he has personal history with Linebeck.[7]

On his way back to the Spirit Train, Link encounters Ferrus just outside the Bridge Worker's Home, who warns the young engineer that Kenzo is especially fussy about following the rules of the tracks.[8] As Kenzo is Link's first Passenger aboard the Spirit Train, this serves as instructions on how to properly transport Passengers and keep them from disembarking the train.

Back at the Trading Post, Kenzo surveys the damage and agrees to fix the bridge,[9] for a steep fee of 5,000 Rupees, a price that includes previous debts that Linebeck III apparently owes the bridge worker.[10] Linebeck III's plan to cover the bill is to have Link locate the Regal Ring, a secret Treasure buried by his grandfather, Linebeck Senior, supposedly valued at 8,000 Rupees. Just as Link returns with the Treasure in hand, Kenzo finishes his work,[11] and takes the Regal Ring for himself as payment, pocketing the 3,000-Rupee difference.[12]

Some time later, the Anouki of Anouki Village plan to erect a wooden fence as part of their "neighborhood watch" mission to keep so-called "monsters" out,[13] and require the aid of a handyman.[14] Link can return to the Trading Post to find Kenzo, who is looking for a change of scenery.[15] When Link mentions the job in Anouki Village, Kenzo initially resists the idea of building something other than a bridge,[16] but quickly changes his mind and agrees to the job after inferring that a "true craftsman" can build any structure.[17] After another trip on the Spirit Train, Kenzo arrives invigorated and ready to work,[18] so long as there is sufficient Lumber for him to work with.[19] However, Kenzo is never shown to actually complete the structure, and works away at it for the remainder of the game.[20]


  • Kenzo strongly resembles Gazpacho from Phantom Hourglass, implying that he may be a descendant. This is further supported by the fact that he has a portrait of Gazpacho in his house.
  • Kenzo is apparently a union member. He implies this when Link has a Freight Car with which to transport Lumber, but nonetheless takes him to Anouki Village without any Lumber to work with, by mentioning that the "union handbook" instructs him to keep his hands warm.[21]


Names in Other Regions
ケンゾウ (Kenzō)[23] 
The French Republic
The Italian Republic
Pontaldo[22]"Ponte" (bridge) + "Aldo" (Al)
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