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Kina is a character in Skyward Sword.[2]


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Fi says:

This is Kina, a sweet girl who works as a waitress at the Lumpy Pumpkin, which is run by her father, Pumm.

She is also in charge of their pumpkin patch. She finds the work exhausting and less than optimal.

Kina lives at the Pumpkin Landing, where she works as a waitress for her father, Pumm, at the Lumpy Pumpkin. Well-known and loved for her beautiful singing,[3] Kina performs regularly at the bar's stage and has garnered fans because of it,[4] although she had to stop due to a lack of a musical accompanist. In the afternoons, Kina picks the pumpkins that are in the patch behind the Lumpy Pumpkin; however, she finds this to be exhausting and would prefer someone to help her carry them to the storage shed.[5][6]

When Link first talks to Kina, the waitress will remind Link not to shake the chandelier in order to get the Rupees and the Heart Piece sitting on top of the large chandelier in the establishment.[7] However, Link ignores Kina's warning and manages to destroy the chandelier.[8] As a result, Pumm forces Link to perform various tasks for the Lumpy Pumpkin in order to pay off the cost of the destroyed chandelier. The second of the three tasks involves helping Kina pick grown Pumpkins from the field and carry them over to a large shed found outside the Lumpy Pumpkin.[6][9] In order to accomplish the task, Link is required to keep his balance and to not drop a single pumpkin.[10] If done successfully, Link may help Kina again to receive 50 Rupees each time the task is completed.[11]

After Link obtains the Goddess's Harp from Zelda in the Temple of Time, Pumm will request that Link accompanies Kina while she sings for the guests.[12] In order to accomplish the task, Link has to strum his harp with the swaying of one of the customer's arms. After successfully accompanying Kina during her performance, Pumm will inform Link that he doesn't have to work for him anymore, and rewards the hero with a Heart Piece.[13] Like the previous task, Link can come back at night and play the harp along with Kina again any time to receive Rupees depending on how well he performs.[14]

Once the Fire Sanctuary has been completed, Kina remarks to Link that plowing the field is tiresome, and that she wishes that there were someone who was good at digging to help around in the field.[15] The young hero can help her by bringing Guld, who is tired of his lifestyle, to Pumpkin Landing with the aid of Scrapper.[16] After some skepticism, Guld learns to enjoy the job and happily shows off his skills to impress Kina, thinking that she has fallen for him.[17] As a result, Kina's joy is transformed into five Gratitude Crystals, which Link receives as a reward.


Kina and her father's name, Pumm, are a pun on the word "pumpkin".

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
パナン (Panan) (SSHD)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
帕南 (Pànán) (SSHD)
The People's Republic of China
帕南 (Pànán) (SSHD)[19]
The French Republic
Tironne (SS)[18]
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