King of Hyrule (The Shadow Prince)

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The King of Hyrule is a character featured in The Shadow Prince. He lives in North Castle with his daughter, Princess Zelda.


The King of Hyrule is first introduced when Princess Zelda takes Charles, a knight from the land of Moria, to the North Castle so that he may meet the king. The king takes an immediate liking towards Charles, and is quick to trust him so much that he decides to show the knight the Triforce of Wisdom located in the Triforce Room,[1] against Zelda's wishes.[2] The king goes on to dub Charles a Knight of the Triforce}}, asking him to protect it from Ganon's grasp.[3] If Link decides to speak up and ask the king if he has lost his mind, he reminds him they've only known Charles for one day. The king, however, does not care what Link thinks, and silences him while wondering what has gotten into the young hero. Charles comments that he might be restless and needs "to work off steam." The king agrees and decides to make Link his new tax collector, sending him to the Saria Town first thing in the morning.

Later on in the book, the King of Hyrule will explain that there have been strange reports from the citizens of Hyrule stating that an entire gang of Darknuts was spotted in the Jungle of Favors, and that a recent thunderstrom caused for Goriyas to fall from the sky. Fearing for the safety of the Triforce of Wisdom, the king says that they must move the sacred triangle to the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule, which is southeast of North Castle past deserts, rivers and swamps.[4] When Zelda asks who will deliver the Triforce of Wisdom there, the king mentions he has two heroes in mind: Link and Charles. Anxiously, Link awaits the king's decision, but it is soon revealed that Charles will be the one to take the Triforce to the Fifth Castle.[5]

Link furiously reminds the king of all the brave deeds he has done and claims that Charles can't be trusted because he is evil.[6] The king raises his hand and silences Link, saying he better have proof to back up the serious charge he has raised against Charles. If Link doesn't have the Mirror of Truth, the king will banish him to the Tower for three days, which is where the prisoners are kept.[7]

If, however, Link has the Mirror of Truth and decides to use it, the mirror will reveal that Charles is actually Ganon in disguise, who immediately takes this opportunity to steal the Triforce of Wisdom. After Link defeats the false Morian knight and recovers the Triforce of Wisdom, he will return to North Castle to be thanked by the king for saving Hyrule once again.


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