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The Knights are the mini-bosses of the Shrine of Strength in Zelda's Adventure. They are the Red Knight, the Blue Knight, and the Green Knight. They are Ursore's knights who challenge Princess Zelda to battles of strength.[1][2] Princess Zelda must purchase the Ticket prior to facing them in order to challenge them. They appear to be related.[3]


Princess Zelda first faces the Red Knight in the Jousting Field.[4] He will only appear if Princess Zelda bought the Red Bow from a merchant earlier in the Shrine, which once belonged to the Red Knight who will then accuse Princess Zelda of stealing it.[5] The Red Knight can only be defeated with the Joust Spell, and requires four hits of the Spell to defeat.

The Blue and Green Knights are later encountered in the Field of the Broadsword.[6] Princess Zelda faces them individually in separate halls. They are fought much the same way, except they can only be defeated with the Broadsword Spell. They both take four hits of the Spell to defeat.

Princess Zelda must defeat all three to face Ursore.


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