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Lake Floria is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Features and Overview

Skyward Sword

Lake Floria is the largest known body of water that exists in the present day on the Surface. It is inhabited by a large range of flora and aquatic creatures. Most of the Lake is composed of large submerged underground caverns which can be explored through the use of the Water Dragon's Scale and the bomb-like Froaks.

Link first discovers the entrance to Lake Floria after completing Farore's Silent Realm. He obtains the Water Dragon's Scale, allowing him to swim underwater, and makes his way up to the top of the canopy of the Great Tree, where he meets the Kikwi Hermit known as Yerbal. He reveals the location of the entrance to Lake Floria.[3]

The Lake is inhabited by the squid-like Parella tribe, who are protected by the Water Dragon Faron. She was entrusted with a part of the Song of the Hero and protects Farore's Flame.[4] However, shortly before Link arrived, Lake Floria was invaded by Ghirahim and his force of aggressive beasts known as Cranioc,[5] and Faron was injured as a result.[6]

Near the Lake is the Ancient Cistern, a water-themed dungeon where Link can obtain the Whip and Farore's Flame.

Minor Enemies and Traps

Breath of the Wild

Lake Floria is located in West Necluda.[note 1] It is fed by the 10 Waterfalls that make up the Floria Falls to the north.[9][10] Another Waterfall from Rassla Lake flows into Lake Floria from the south. The Lake itself feeds into the Floria River, which runs westward. Lake Floria is bisected by Floria Bridge, which connects the Faron Highroad between the eastern Ebara Forest and the Sarjon Woods in the west.

The Dragon Farosh is frequently seen flying over Lake Floria, creating Updrafts and Winds as it does so.[11][12] It flies down from Riola Spring in the north, weaving under Floria Bridge before descending into Rassla Lake. It then emerges from Rassla Lake and flies back into Riola Spring. In addition to this, a Stone Talus can be found on a cliff on the northern edge of the Lake.[13] It will initially be dormant, but if Link approaches it, it will stand up and begin to attack him.

Numerous Treasure Chests, including floating wooden Chests, sunken metal Chests, and stone Chests on standing rocks, are found across Lake Floria. In total, these Treasure Chests contain one Giant Boomerang, one Silver Bow, one Soldier's Shield, 20 Arrows, 10 Fire Arrows, 15 Shock Arrows, two Flints, three Opals, one Topaz, and six Purple Rupees.

BotW Korok Seed Icon.png

One Korok Seed Puzzle can be found at Lake Floria. Near the Waterfall below Rassla Lake is a Cube Pattern. When Link completes the Pattern using the Magnesis Rune, a Korok will appear and give him a Korok Seed.[14]


Minor Enemies



Lake Floria derives its name from Farore, the Goddess of Courage.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
フロリア湖 (Furoria Ko) (BotW)Lake Furoria
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Floria-meer (BotW)[16]Same as English.
The Federal Republic of Germany
Floria-See (SS)Same as English.
Latin America
Lago Faroria (BotW)[15]Lake Faroria
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  1. In Creating a Champion, Lake Floria is shown on a map to be part of the Faron Region.[7] However, this contradicts the game's file data for the location, which considers it to be part of West Necluda.[8] Therefore, this is not considered Canon.


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