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Lasli is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[7][8]


Breath of the Wild

Lasli is a member of the Sheikah Tribe living in Kakariko Village. Her job is to call attention to the local Armor Shop called Enchanted, which is owned by her sister Claree.[9][10] She continues this job even when it is Raining.[11] Previously, Lasli was dating a man named Jarod, but he passed away after a monster attack.[6] Since then, she has been struggling to cope with her grief, and her only respite has been seeing the Sunset Fireflies.[1] However, due to the danger posed by wandering around at night, she has been unable to visit them as of late.[1]

When Link initially approaches Lasli, she immediately begins to fawn over him, saying he is her type.[12] She takes note of the Sheikah Slate he has with him and has to pause to realize what that means.[13] Her outburst startles Link, but she reels back to point out that he must be quite important.[14]

Lasli awakens and leaves home at 5:00 AM each morning. She will remark on how Link seems to be wide awake so early.[15] She mentions that she is going to work and that Link can join her if he is looking for clothing.[16]

At 9:00 PM, Lasli will run for home, worried about her grandmother, Nanna, chastising her.[3] Once she is home, she will take a seat and remove her umbrella. Link can speak to her and she will tell him how she used to catch Sunset Fireflies at night.[17] However, she cannot go out anymore due to the monsters and the Yiga Clan,[18] which causes Lasli to lament her misfortune.[19] If Link is already inside the house when Lasli first comes home, she is frightfully startled at first.[20] Then she realizes who it is and relaxes.[21]

If Link enters her home late at night, Lasli will call him rude, but she stops when she notices his Sheikah Slate.[22][23] She realizes that Link must be the hero from the stories her grandmother told her about the Great Calamity.[24][25] She is surprised by how young Link appears, as she imagined he would be much older.[26][27] She admits that people her age have difficulties understanding the scope of the Great Calamity.[28][29] Noticing the expression on Link's face, Lasli realizes that he also lacks an understanding of what happened.[30][31] Though she has a hard time believing it, she claims that there are many things that are hard to understand.[32] If Link has yet to meet with Impa, Lasli tells him to go see her for an explanation.[33]

Once Link has had his first meeting with Impa, he can visit Lasli in her home at night, which causes her to remark on his kindness.[34] She tells him of how much she enjoyed the nighttime of the Village,[35] but recalls that now she cannot go out late.[18] Lasli wishes that she could do something about her situation. Later on, she will remark on how pretty the Fireflies were that evening.[36] She admits she used to be good at catching them when she was younger.[37]

After Link completes both "Find the Fairy Fountain" and "Flown the Coop", he can speak to Lasli in her home. She laments that due to how dangerous the roads have become at night, she is forced to come home without searching for Sunset Fireflies.[38] She admits that she misses spending time with them at night, and her nights now seem dull without them.[39] She wishes that the Sunset Fireflies would come visit her.[40] When she finishes speaking, the "By Firefly's Light" Side Quest will begin.

To fulfill Lasli's request, Link must releases five Sunset Fireflies in her home at night. Once Lasli sees them, she will stand up and express her excitement.[41] She thanks Link for bringing them, offering him a Purple Rupee as a reward.[42] Watching them fly around, she remarks that they way they glow is pretty.[43] If Link comments that she is also pretty, Lasli will giggle and thank him.[44] Alternatively, if Link reminds her of their short lifespan, Lasli will become frustrated and call him unromantic.[45] After this, the Side Quest will be completed.

During "The Stolen Heirloom" Shrine Quest, Dorian and Cado both mention that Lasli visited Impa's House before the Sheikah Heirloom was stolen.[46][47] If Link asks Lasli about what she does at night, she will be unimpressed, believing he is flirting with her.[48] At night, Lasli will sneak out of Kakariko Village, nervously speaking to herself the whole time.[49][50][51]

If Link speaks to Lasli as she starts to leave Kakariko Village, she quietly calls him a stalker and remarks that that she will have to visit "him" later.[52] She then states that it is dangerous for her to be alone at night, so she decided to return to Enchanted.[53] If Lasli catches Link following her, she claims her stalker to be Jarod and tells him to stop following her.[5] As Lasli returns to Enchanted, she tells Link to leave her alone.[54] When Lasli is back at Enchanted, she accuses him of being a stalker and tells him to leave before she calls for Dorian.[55]

If Link catches Lasli in the Kakariko Village Graveyard, she will be shocked by his sudden appearance.[56] She realizes that she is unable to keep her secret any longer, which she claims not even Claree knows about.[57] She admits that she came to visit Jarod, who was the love of her life.[58] When Link asks where the Sheikah Heirloom is, Lasli will initially be confused, asking if he is referring to the object kept in Impa's House.[59] When Link asks if she stole it, Lasli will be outraged by such an accusation.[60] She questions if he was following her because he thought she was a suspect.[61] When Link nods, she calls him awful.[62]

When Link speaks to Lasli for a second time, she starts to talk about Jarod's death, recalling that he promised to always protect her before he was attacked by a Monster.[6] If Link again asks if she stole the Sheikah Heirloom, she will berate him for talking about it while she is vulnerable.[63] She also wonders how she could have stolen it when so many people, including Dorian, are always guarding it.[64] If Link expresses sorrow for her loss, Lasli will begrudgingly thank him, but she reminds him to be more sensitive towards strangers.[65]

Tears of the Kingdom


Lasli's name is derived from raspberry; this is especially apparent in the French translation, where her name, Amboise, is two letters off raspberry in French, framboise. It is also derived from "Leslie," a name meaning "garden of holly" in Gaelic.[66]

Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Lasli (BotW)
ラズリ (BotW | TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
拉茲莉 (Lāzīlì) (BotW | TotK)
The People's Republic of China
拉兹莉 (Lāzīlì) (BotW | TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Lasli (BotW)
Amboise (BotW | TotK)
The French Republic
Amboise (BotW | TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
Himba (BotW | TotK)
The Italian Republic
Lasli (BotW | TotK)
The Republic of Korea
라즈리 (TotK)
Latin America
Lasli (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
Lasli (BotW | TotK)
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