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This article is about the character in Phantom Hourglass. For other uses, see Leaf (Disambiguation).

Leaf is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3][4]


Phantom Hourglass

During the start of the game, Leaf remains imprisoned within the depths of the Temple of Fire; however, he is eventually freed upon Link's victory against Blaaz.[1] He opens a locked door in the lobby floor of the Temple of the Ocean King. When 10 Power Gems are gathered and offered at Spirit Island, Leaf's power can be used. He uses his power to ignite Link's Sword with flames that double Link's attack strength and he quadruples it when 20 Power Gems are offered at the Spirit Island. If a Phantom or Reapling is hit from behind with Oshus's Sword while Leaf is equipped, it will get stunned. Enemies such as Bubbles, Phantom Eyes, and Fire Keese can be defeated directly with the Sword and no longer need to be stunned first.

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

Leaf introduces himself in the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa after Blaaz has been defeated by Link.[4] Leaf explains that he and the Ocean King were set upon by a darkness that sealed them, and wonders about the Ocean King's fate.[5] Leaf offers to assist Link on his quest,[6] and joins the group on their journey.[7] When Neri is freed from Cyclok, Leaf rushes to his fellow spirit and expresses relief at her safety.[8] Neri is pleased to see Leaf safe, and asks about the Ocean King.[9] Leaf says that the Ocean King was likely sealed as they were, and invites Neri to join him in aiding Link.[10] Although, the young girl Link had previously rescued is captured by Crayk. Linebeck refuses to rescue her, as she has no connection to the Ghost Ship or the treasure he seeks.[11] Linebeck gives Link a barrel to use as transportation.[12] Leaf, Ciela, and Neri keep Link's barrel from capsizing until Linebeck changes his mind.[13][14] When the girl is saved, Leaf and Neri quietly observe as Grandpa Oshus unites Ciela and the young girl, who happens to be the fairy's embodied lost memories.[15] When Ciela is transformed into the Spirit of Courage, she remembers Neri and Leaf and rejoices with them.[16] Ciela hears Tetra's voice calling for help aboard the Ghost Ship, although it is growing weaker.[17] Leaf tells Link that they will set the SS Linebeck on course for the Ghost Ship.[18]

Once on board the Ghost Ship, Leaf and the others find Tetra as a stone statue.[19] One of the Cubus Sisters attempt to harm Linebeck, but Leaf, Neri, and Ciela attack her. After the demon is defeated, Leaf and Neri silently observe when Grandpa Oshus is revealed to be the Ocean King.[20] Oshus explains that he can free Tetra from her petrified state if Bellum is defeated and the Sand of Hours are brought to him.[21] Since Zauz knows how to defeat Bellum,[22] Link prepares to set sail to find the blacksimth.[23] Leaf and the other fairies hesitate. Neri voices her distrust towards Linebeck, claiming that the captain has a heart filled with fear and could betray them at any moment.[24] Linebeck says goodbye,[25] but is convinced to stay when Grandpa Oshus promises to grant him a wish if they succeed.[26][27] As the group sails, the pirate girl Jolene attacks the SS Linebeck. Leaf and Neri keep Tetra's statue from falling overboard. Leaf begs for Jolene's help against Bellum with his companions.[28] Bellum appears and takes Linebeck to the Temple of the Ocean King after possessing the captain.[29][30][31] Jolene agrees to ask Zauz how to defeat Bellum.[32][33] Leaf then leaves with Link and his companions to the Temple of the Ocean to rescue Linebeck.

Link and the spirits battle against Bellum, eventually freeing Linebeck. Grandpa Oshus, now in his true form as the Ocean King, returns the reunited group to the SS Linebeck.[34] Leaf celebrates with the spirits and Link after Tetra is shown to have been revived. Although, Bellum soon appears once again and attempts to drown the Ocean King.[35] Jolene soon arrives with the newly forged Phantom Sword, the only weapon that can defeat Bellum.[36] Link defeats Bellum, with Leaf remarking that this time is it really over.[37] The Ocean King tells the heroes that his realm is a separate world from Hyrule, the land Tetra and Link come from.[38] Leaf watches as Ciela bids farewell to Link,[39] who is returned to Hyrule with Tetra.



Names in Other Regions
  • リーフ (Rīfu)[41]
  • 力の精霊 (Chikara no Seirei)
  • Spirit of Power
The French Republic
  • Spirit of power
  • Esprit de la Force
  • Leaf[46]
  • Spirit of Power
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Light Spirit of Power
The Italian Republic
  • Leaf[40]
  • Spirito del potere
  • Spirit of power
Latin America
  • Espíritu del Poder
  • Leaf[45]
  • Spirit of Power
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Espíritu del Poder
  • Leaf[47]
  • Spirit of Power
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