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Lenzo is a character in The Wind Waker.[3]


In his earlier days, Lenzo sailed throughout the Great Sea,[4] taking pictures of mystical beings and strange sights,[5] but he has now settled into a Studio on Windfall Island. Lenzo has been studying Pictographs and everything about them ever since he was young.[6] When Link first meets him, Lenzo is reluctant to trust him due to the fact that one of his Picto Boxes was stolen from him,[7] so prompts the young hero to leave. However, when Link shows him the Picto Box he found, the pictograph master urges him to look around his gallery upstairs, and even asks him to become his Research Assistant to develop a box with "incredible pictography capabilities."[8]

After Link helps him with his research material, Lenzo tells him that he has been researching pictographs with color.[9] If Link brings him a Forest Firefly from the Forest Haven, Lenzo will improve the young hero's Picto Box and make it so that it can take color pictures.[10][11] In The Wind Waker HD, the Forest Firefly is not required, as Lenzo gives Link the Picto Box directly after completing all the research tasks.[12]

Lenzo also sells Legendary Pictographs,[13] which Link can buy for 50 Rupees per photo.[14] Minenco, the woman who has a keen interest in pictography, can be often found discussing the topic with Lenzo.


Lenzo's Japanese name, Genzō, is a pun on the Japanese word for film developing, 現像 (Genzō). Likewise, his English name is likely a reference to a camera lens. His Japanese title is also a reference to the magic lantern, an early image projector.

Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
  • Olivio il catturatore di immagini (TWW)[15]
  • Olivio (TWW)[15]
  • Olivio the picture capturer
  • Masculine form of the name "Olivia"
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