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"For the Level 3 from A Link to the Past, see Skull Woods. For the Level 3 from Link's Awakening, see Key Cavern. For the Level 3 from Oracle of Seasons, see Poison Moth's Lair. For the Level 3 from Oracle of Ages, see Moonlit Grotto

Level 3,(TLoZ | LCT)[1][2] also stylized as Level-3,(TLoZ | BSTLoZ)[3][name references needed] and known as Manji,(TLoZ)[1] is a recurring Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda series.


The Legend of Zelda

Entrance to Level 3

In the First Quest, its entrance is located within the central area of Hyrule, just west of Link's starting point.

In the Second Quest, the entrance to Level-3 is beneath a pond atop a green hill in western Hyrule, requiring the Flute from Level 2 to gain access.

Themes and Navigation

The interior of this Labyrinth appears to be made of stone bricks, like most Labyrinths in The Legend of Zelda, with its primary color being green. Darknuts patrol the rooms here. The main item of this Labyrinth in the First Quest is the Raft, which is used only in the Overworld of Hyrule. The Boss of the Labyrinth is Manhandla, who guards one of the Triforce Shards. This Dungeon has more Keys than is needed to unlock all of the doors in the Dungeon, as there are five Keys and four locked doors.

In the Second Quest, the Labyrinth's walls and floors are instead a dark and deep shade of blue, making it more similar to Level 2 of the First Quest. The Labyrinth is quite small, but greatly differs in difficulty from the First Quest. The main item of the Labyrinth is the Magical Boomerang, which is guarded by a room full of blue Goriya. This Labyrinth houses a non-aggressive Goriya, whose stomach will grumble. Link cannot pass to the next room until he gives him some Food. The Labyrinth's Boss, a trio of Dodongos, guard the Compass rather than the Triforce Shard. After defeating them, Link must still battle a group of red Goriya in the next room before he can claim the Triforce Shard.

The most notable difference in Second Quest is the shape of this Labyrinth, changing from a manji to the shape of the letter "L." The Maps of the first five Labyrinths in the Second Quest each symbolize a letter, spelling out an anagram for "ZELDA."

Minor Enemies and Traps

Other Appearances

BS The Legend of Zelda

Entrance to Level 3

The entrance to the Dungeon is located near the Old Man that instructs the player on how to traverse the Lost Woods. It is accessed by using the Candle to burn a bush.[which?]

Features and Overview

A group of Red Darknuts[how many?] guard the Raft, while a group of Blue Goriyas[how many?] guard the Magical Boomerang. The Boss of the Dungeon is Manhandla.

The layout of the Dungeon forms a "G", following the Dungeon pattern that spells out "St. GIGA".

Minor Enemies and Traps

Link's Crossbow Training


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
  • マンジ (Manji)[6]
  • LEVEL-3[6]
  • Manji
The French Republic
  • Level 3
  • Manji
The Italian Republic
  • Level 3
The Russian Federation
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