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Libraries are recurring locations in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3][4][5]

Features and Overview

Link's Awakening

Main article: Village Library

In Link's Awakening, the Village Library contains several books that explain basic controls, the Atlas of Koholint Island that lets Link see the full map of Koholint Island, and Dark Secrets And Mysteries Of Koholint, which gives directions to navigate inside the Wind Fish's Egg.

In Link's Awakening DX and Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, an additional book can be found atop of a bookshelf. In order to access it, Link must knock it down by dashing into the bookshelf using the Pegasus Boots. Link can then read it to learn the instructions needed to access the Color Dungeon.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, the Eyeglass Island Library is mentioned by a Ghini as part of the Library Secret.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, the Eyeglass Island Library is located in the Zora Seas. It can only be opened by using the Library Key. Inside, Link can find the Book of Seals in the present and Fairy Powder in the past. The Mirror Shield can also be obtained from here through a Linked Game.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Royal Hyrule Library

In The Minish Cap, the Royal Hyrule Library is home to the Minish elder Librari. In order to reach it, Link must find the three missing Library Books. When found, the Library will store the books back on their bookshelves so Link can climb them and reach Librari, who will lead him to the location of the Flippers. When Vaati takes over Hyrule Castle, a Vassal blocks the entrance to the Royal Hyrule Library.

Breath of the Wild

The Library is a two-story room found on the eastern side of Hyrule Castle. Both floors are used for Book storage, while two subfloors are connected to stairways and are used to access different parts of the Library and the Hyrule Castle Corridors. On the first floor, the western exit is blocked by Malice, and it can only be accessed by defeating the Glowing Eyeball in the East Passage.

Due to Calamity Ganon's influence, the Library has fallen into disrepair and much of the architecture of the Library has fallen apart.[6] Portions of the Library are covered in Malice, further inhibiting travel throughout the room. Segments of the Library's roof have given way, allowing travel between its interior and the exterior of Hyrule Castle.

The Library is the resting place of the Castle Library Books. The first issue can be found resting on a table in the center of the Library's ground floor. The second is located on a podium on the western side of the second floor. These Books detail recipes favored by the Royal Family of Hyrule.[7][8]

The Library also contains several hidden rooms and passages behind metallic Bookshelves, which can be moved using the Magnesis Rune. One of these Bookshelves can be found on the eastern side of the Library, and it reveals a secret passageway leading to the Docks. Behind a Bookshelf on the opposite wall, Link will find an abandoned excavation site, which reveals a portion of the Astral Observatory's walls. Inside, Link can find a Stone Smasher, an Ore Deposit, a Rare Ore Deposit, and a Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee. The northern wall of the Library holds a Bookshelf that hides the King's Study, where Link may read King Rhoam's Journal.

Minor Enemies


Tears of the Kingdom

A stone Treasure Chest in the mine beside the Library contains a Shard of Dinraal's Spike.



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
  • 書の家 (Sho no Ie) (ALttP)[10]
  • 図書室 (Toshoshitsu) (BotW)
  • House of Books
  • Library
The People's Republic of China
  • 村立图书馆 (Cūnlì túshūguǎn) (LANS)
  • 图书馆 (Túshūguǎn) (BotW)[11]
  • Village Library
  • Same as English.
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Bibliotheek (BotW)[14]Same as English.
Bibliothèque (LANS)Library
The French Republic
Bibliothèque (LANS)Library
The Italian Republic
  • Biblioteca del villagio (ALttP)[13]
  • Biblioteca del Villaggio Mabe (LA | LADX)[12]
  • Biblioteca del villaggio (LANS)
  • Village's library
  • Mabe Village's Library
Latin America
Biblioteca (BotW)[9]Same as English.
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