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Lika is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] She is a woman who lives in Sakado, Gamelon.


Lika lives in the house at the far end of Sakado's main street, and is one of the few remaining inhabitants after most of the town's citizens were captured and taken to Tykogi Tower. She can be found sewing cloth in her house. She shows Princess Zelda the Cloak and gives it to her, offering to make it a Magic Cloak if she brings her some Fairy Dust. After Zelda brings her the Fairy Dust, she sprinkles it onto the Cloak, giving it the ability to make the wearer temporarily invisible. Lika advises Zelda that can use it to sneak up to her enemies.


  • Lika's eye color changes frequently in her cutscenes.


  1. "Correct, but first you should just make yourself invisible using the Magic Cloak. You should have gotten it earlier from Lika in Sakado. She lives in the last house on the right in the main street. You do have to talk to her twice. The first time she gives you a cloak. The second time, she takes your Fairy Dust and uses this to turn the cloak into a Magic Cloak." (CD Interactief vol. 4 no. 4, HUB Uitgevers, April 1997, pg. 36)