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The Linebeck Trading Company is a location in Spirit Tracks.


The Linebeck Trading Company is located at the Trading Post. It specializes in trading Train Cars for Treasure, although it also buys any kind of Treasure from its customers. The company's president is Linebeck III, grandson of the company's original founder, the great captain Linebeck.

After Link obtains the Regal Ring from a cave in the Trading Post, he will be able to bring and sell any Treasure to Linebeck III. If he has enough Treasures, he can also trade them for new Train Cars.[1] Linebeck III will also sell Link a new Shield for 100 Rupees, should his be eaten by a Like Like.[2]

Wares and Pricing

Train CarCost

Treasure Pricing

The following are the prices at which Linebeck III will purchase Treasures from Link.



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  1. "Still, you've got a real talent for sniffing out treasure. Ooh! Tell you what--from here on out, bring any treasure you find to me! If they impress me, I'll trade you some lovely new train cars for those trinkets! Sound like a sweet deal? That's 'cause it IS!" — Linebeck III (Spirit Tracks)
  2. "Beware of shield-gobbling monsters ahead! Those who've lost a shield can procure a shiny new one at Linebeck Trading!" — Sign (Spirit Tracks)