Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

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The following is a list of locations in Tears of the Kingdom.


Due to the sheer number of locations, this page has been condensed to feature a smaller number of critical locations per area beginning with the three main types of location: the Sky, the Surface, and the Depths. All locations are covered on their respective area pages in a cascading fashion so that Region pages like Central Hyrule list the areas in that Region, such as Hyrule Field. The areas listed on those also contain any further locations to be found within, such as the Great Plateau within Hyrule Field. Those location pages will then list any other locations that can be found within them, such as the Temple of Time Ruins and the Shrine of Resurrection. A full version of this page with 1,000+ locations is also available here.

Location Types

The Surface


See more in Akkala

Tarrey Town

See more in Tarrey Town

Central Hyrule

See more in Central Hyrule

Korok Forest

See more in Korok Forest

Great Plateau

See more in Great Plateau

Hyrule Castle Town Ruins

See more in Hyrule Castle Town Ruins

Lookout Landing

See more in Lookout Landing

Hyrule Castle

See more in Hyrule Castle

Eldin Region

See more in Eldin

Goron City

See more in Goron City

Faron Region

See more in Faron

Gerudo Region

See more in Gerudo

Gerudo Town

See more in Gerudo Town

Kara Kara Bazaar

See more in Kara Kara Bazaar


See more in Hebra

Rito Village

See more in Rito Village

Lanayru Region

See more in Lanayru

Zora's Domain

See more in Zora's Domain


See more in Necluda

Hateno Village

See more in Hateno Village

Kakariko Village

See more in Kakariko Village

Lurelin Village

See more in Lurelin Village

The Sky

See more in Sky

Akkala Sky

See more in Akkala Sky

Central Hyrule Sky

See more in Central Hyrule Sky

Great Sky Island

See more in Great Sky Island

Eldin Sky

See more in Eldin Sky

Faron Sky

See more in Faron Sky

Gerudo Sky

See more in Gerudo Sky

Hebra Sky

See more in Hebra Sky

Lanayru Sky

See more in Lanayru Sky

Necluda Sky

See more in Necluda Sky

The Depths

See more in Depths