Locations in The Minish Cap

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For a list of the game's Dungeons, see Dungeons in The Minish Cap.
Locations in The Minish Cap
TMC Map of Hyrule 2.pngMount CrenelMount Crenel's BaseCastor WildsWind RuinsRoyal ValleyTrilby HighlandsWestern WoodHyrule Castle GardenNorth Hyrule FieldHyrule TownSouth Hyrule FieldEastern HillsLon Lon RanchVeil FallsCloud TopsLake HyliaMinish Woods
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Cloud Tops

Hyrule Town

Hyrule Castle

Lake Hylia

Lon Lon Ranch

Minish Woods

Mount Crenel

Royal Valley

South Hyrule Field

Western Wood

Other Locations