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The Lost at Sea Temple is a Dungeon in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Entrance to the Temple

The Lost at Sea Temple is a Dungeon connected to the Lost at Sea Station Cave. In order to enter the Temple, Link must enter the Lost at Sea Station Cave and speak to the Gossip Stone inside. The Gossip Stone will inform Link that it is a recreation of a "legendary Temple" from a distant kingdom,[2] and that in order to enter, Link must not use his Sword or Bow.[3] If Link agrees, he is transported to the Temple.

Themes and Navigation

Within the Lost at Sea Temple, Link will encounter all four types of Phantoms while he completes the objectives on each floor, which are based on various floors from the Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass. The Phantoms cannot be defeated or possessed, as Link is unable to use his Sword and his Bow. Completing a floor's objective will unlock a door to the next floor.

Floor Phantoms Objective
First 2 regular Phantoms Light up all three Torches using the Boomerang.
Second 2 Torch Phantoms Put out all 13 lit Torches using the Whirlwind. This floor has a blank map and is completely dark aside from the Torches and Torch Phantoms.
Third 2 Warp Phantoms and one Phantom Eye Using the Whip, pull the correct Switch from each of the four pairs of fish statues. Pulling the incorrect Switch will add another Phantom Eye to the floor.
Fourth 4 Wrecker Phantoms Smash all of the Rocks by luring the Wrecker Phantoms into them, or by using Bombs
Fifth One of each type of Phantom and one Phantom Eye Open the Treasure Chests found in the four alcoves. Each one is guarded by the previous floors' elements.

After completing the final floor, Link will come to a Treasure Chest containing a Regal Ring, alongside a Blue Light that returns him to the Gossip Stone in the Lost at Sea Station Cave. He can return to the Lost at Sea Temple and replay it as many times as he wants, earning himself an indefinite amount of Regal Rings.

Minor Enemies


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