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Lupay (pronounced /ˈluːpeɪ/ LOO-pay)[1] is a location in The Faces of Evil. Is unlocked after completing Shipwreck Cliff.

Features and Overview

Lupay is the name of the area that surrounds Lupay's Face of Evil. It is located in the northwest of Koridai, represented by a mountain peak carved in the resemblance of Lupay's likeness. The area itself is a densely forested mountain with a complex Cave system. It is under Lupay's control.

Link enters the area from the mountain base, where he encounters Gwonam. He shows Link that Lupay has been turning Koridians into Moblin warriors. Link scales the mountain by climbing the trees growing along the mountainside. At the summit is the Face's mouth, where a grated opening leads inside. Undead Enemies inhabit the dark cavern inside. Another grate above leads to another cave. A Bot in this cave carries the Small Key to the wooden door above. In the next cavern, Link encounters Harlequin again in the upper level and defeats him. A bottle of Water of Life can also be found here, which Link can repeatedly use to recover his health and to refill his Canteen if he owns one. After falling through a series of holes, Link enters an opening in the center of the cave.

Link confronts Lupay in a circular chamber, whose wall is in the likeness of a hypnotizing eye. After Lupay is defeated, the Crystal of Vision is dropped and a Triforce Map appears. After completing the stage, the Hermit Flat is unlocked.

Minor Enemies


  • Although Lupay is shown turning Koridians into Moblins in their cutscene, Moblins do not actually appear in this stage.



  1. "Consider Lupay the most dangerous of Ganon's minions." — Gwonam (The Faces of Evil)