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Magic is a force present throughout the The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Magic allows its users to perform spells or special attacks capable of many different things, be they benevolent or otherwise. Certain objects are enhanced by Magic or otherwise magical.[2] The properties, origins and general understandings of Magic remain uncertain.

Forms and Uses

The Legend of Zelda

Magic in The Legend of Zelda can be directly used by Link through the usage of the Magical Rod which allows him to shoot out beams similar to those shot by Wizzrobes. With the addition of the Book of Magic these beams can be enhanced to leave flames in their wake.[3] Unlike later games, the usage of Magic isn't regulated by a Meter or Stamina. Multiple other items, namely the Magical Sword, Magical Shield, Magical Boomerang and Magical Key, are implied to be bespelled in some manner.

The Adventure of Link

Magic was first featured prominently in The Adventure of Link.

Known magic-users

Many individuals from a variety of races are able to utilize Magic in some capacity.


Hylians are capable of performing Magic due to their "magic-infused blood."[citation needed]


Gerudo are shown to be capable of wielding Magic. Although it is to a lesser extent than some other residents of Hyrule, at least a few different Gerudo have been able to proficiently wield magical abilities. The Twinrova witches Koume and Kotake use Magic almost constantly, as they fly on broomsticks and cast spells seemingly with no effort despite their old age. Ganondorf, as well as his beastly porcine form, have also been extremely capable of powerful Magic in their appearances throughout the series. On the more benevolent side, the Gerudo Champion Urbosa was capable of wielding lightning or electricity at will, an ability that she passes on to Link after she dies in the Calamity.


Although few Gorons have been shown to be capable of Magic usage so far, a notable exception to this rule is the Goron Champion Daruk, who before his death was able to generate a protective force field around him at will. This ability was passed on to both his grandson, Yunobo, and after Divine Beast Vah Rudania is cleansed of Ganon's influence, Link.


The Zora have not showcased quite so abundant an amount of magical ability as the Hylians, but they do seem to possess some inherent magical qualities. For example, in all games featured in the Downfall Timeline, the Zora appear as almost reptilian fish-monsters, which have the ability to shoot fireballs from their mouths. In other appearances, they do not seem to be able to use magic at all, except for a few key individuals. Mipha, Princess of the Zora in the Era of the Wild, possessed a healing ability that she used to heal anybody in need when she was alive. Unfortunately, during Ganon's siege of Hyrule, she was killed by Waterblight Ganon, her spirit trapped within Divine Beast Vah Ruta for one hundred years. When Link cleanses the Divine Beast of Ganon’s influence, she passes her healing ability along to him. In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Sidon displays the ability to control water and shape it into sharks.


Although the Rito have only appeared two times in the series thus far, they do seem to at least associate with Magical beings. In The Wind Waker, they live under Valoo on Dragon Roost Island. When the Rito reach maturity, they are deemed worthy to climb up the mountain and ask Valoo for their wings. Valoo will grant their wish and give them the ability to fly on most occasions, although when he is greatly agitated by something, such as Gohma gnawing on his tail, he will become too enraged to grant the Rito's wishes. In Breath of the Wild, the Rito appear to be inherently much more bird-like in nature than their The Wind Waker counterparts, eliminating the need to ask any sort of divine creature for wings. However, during the Era of the Wild, Revali seemingly developed his own technique to create an updraft of air independent of local weather. This technique appears to be using Magical to operate, as it is impossible for him to create such a focused and powerful surge of wind with simply his own wings. He passes this ability on to Link after the hero cleanses his Divine Beast, Vah Medoh, of Ganon's evil influence. In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Tulin displays a similar ability that he dubs "Tulin's Tornado".


The Twili are said to master a powerful shadow Magic. Not only did they create the Fused Shadow,[citation needed] an incredibly powerful Magical artifact, but are often seen using Magical attacks with ease. For example, Midna is able to conjure Magical energy attacks at will with seemingly no strain or discomfort whatsoever.


The Sages are a powerful order of Magical beings that serve to protect all of Hyrule against evil. Sages come from many races, which may or not be able to wield Magic. If they come from a Magic-wielding society, Sages are given powers superior to those of their brethren. If they do not come from an inherently Magic-proficient society, they are seemingly bestowed Magical powers.[citation needed]



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
魔法の力 (Mahō no Chikara)[4]Magic Power
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