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Magic Arrows are Items in The Crystal Trap.[name references needed]

Locationa nd Uses

Magic Arrows are a special kind of Arrow that are useful in defeating Gibdos in one single shot, and they play an important role in the book since they are required to obtain the Fairy's Scroll.

Zelda can only obtain the Magic Arrows if she decides to go look for help after Link gets trapped inside the crystal. Just as she is about to leave the Midoro Palace, she notices a quiver full of Magic Arrows and wonders if she should take them with her, taking into account that they might be evil.[1]

The Magic Arrows are only used when Zelda enters the Cavern (The Crystal Trap) later on in the book, provided that she had the Large Brass Key with her. Inside the cavern, Gibdos begin to approach her, and since her dagger and normal Arrows are useless against them, she must have had picked up the Magic Arrows in Midoro Palace.[2] When Zelda fires a Magic Arrow at one of the Gibdos, it bursts into flames and scares the other Gibdos away.[3] However, if Zelda decided not to pick up the Magic Arrows, she will die at the hands of the mummified foes.[4]


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