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Not to be confused with the Deku Tree.

The Maku Tree is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3]


Both versions of the Maku Tree are an important character in the plots of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons and are the guardians of their respective lands and Oracles. Although the Maku Tree plays an identical role in each game's plot, both versions differ in personality and appearance. The Maku Tree is one of the first characters Link meets in each game. When Link goes to meet the Maku Tree for the first time, he will find the way to the Maku Tree's grove barred by a closed gate; the Maku Tree Gate in Oracle of Seasons. In Oracle of Ages, Link must use a detour through Maku Road to reach the tree. In Oracle of Seasons, the Maku Tree Gate can only be opened by "showing courage."[4] Link shows courage by obtaining the Wooden Sword from the Hero's Cave and holding it up before the Maku Tree Gate. The Maku Tree is first found while in a weakened state due to the havoc wreaked by Veran in Oracle of Ages or General Onox in Oracle of Seasons.[5][6] In order to defeat the villain, Link must restore the Maku Tree's state by gathering the eight Essences of Time in Oracle of Ages or the eight Essences of Nature in Oracle of Seasons.[7][8] Throughout Link's quest, the Maku Tree offers Link helpful advice and information via telepathy.[9][10] After each dungeon, the Maku Tree will point Link to the direction of the next Essence.[11][12] In both games, the Maku Tree is unable to sense the final Essence and Link must find it on his own.[13][14] By selecting the Maku Tree's area on the Overworld map, Link can review the current objective given by the Maku Tree. Link is be able to enter the hollow of the Maku Tree, where he will find the Hall of Secrets. After collecting each Essence, the Maku Tree will grow. Eventually, Link will be able to climb up to the very top of the Tree. Here Link will find many items, such as Gasha Seeds and Fairies. A Great Fairy also resides here. Once Link obtains all eight Essences, the Maku Tree produces a Huge Maku Seed, which is capable of dispelling the barrier that surrounds the antagonist's lair.[15][16] In each Linked Game, the Oracles create a portal next to the Maku Tree once they have been freed. The portal transports Link to the Room of Rites. After defeating Ganon, the Maku Tree rescues Link and Princess Zelda by teleporting them out of the crumbling Room of Rites just as it collapses.

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons Manual Descriptionhide ▲
Oracle of Seasons logo
The Maku Tree
This gigantic tree is the guardian spirit of al lHolodrum, and it now awaits a visit from a brave young man. It is said one can meet the Maku Tree only after showing great courage.
Male Maku Tree 1.png

The Maku Tree in Oracle of Seasons is the guardian of Holodrum and the Oracle, Din.[1][17] The Maku Tree is male, with a long nose and a constant sleepy expression. He has a mature and serious personality. The Maku Tree falls asleep very often and must be woken by popping his nose bubble with a Sword if Link wishes to speak with him. Doing so startles the Maku Tree awake and he will fall back to sleep as soon as he is finished speaking.[17]

The Maku Tree sleeping in Oracle of Seasons

After regaining consciousness following the events of Din's capture by Onox, Link finds Impa standing over him. Impa sends Link to the Maku Tree for help.[1] The Maku Tree, who had slept through the events of Din's capture and the subsequent destruction of the Temple of Seasons, finds his body withered and his might drained due to the chaos among the four seasons.[17][6] The Maku Tree then tells Link that in order to defeat Onox, he must first restore his might by collecting the eight Essences of Nature scattered across Holodrum.[8] The Maku Tree then directs Link to the Gnarled Root Dungeon, the location of the first Essence of Nature.[10]

The Maku Tree points Link to the direction of the next Essence after every dungeon.[12] However, he cannot sense the location of the final Essence, the Changing Seasons, leaving Link to find it on his own.[14] The Maku Tree also helps Link find the Temple of Seasons, where the Rod of Seasons is located.[18] After Link gathers all eight Essences and restores the Maku Tree's might, he gives Link a Huge Maku Seed, which allows him to penetrate the evil forces surrounding Onox's Castle and enter.[16]

Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Ages Manual Descriptionhide ▲
Oracle of Ages logo
Maku Tree
This giant tree is Labrynna's guardian. Link is able to earn her favor by helping her in the distant past—when she was but a young sprout.
OoA Maku Sprout Sprite.png

The Maku Tree in Oracle of Ages is the guardian of Labrynna and the Oracle, Nayru.[19][15] The Maku Tree is female, with rosy cheeks and a pink flower in her foliage. She has a bright and cheery personality. In the past, the Maku Tree is a small sprout named Maku Sprout.[20] Due to being rescued by Link as a sprout, the Maku Tree becomes emotionally attached to Link to the point of waiting to marry him for 400 years.[21][22]

The Maku Tree in Oracle of Ages

After witnessing Nayru's capture by Veran, Impa sends Link to the Maku Tree for help.[2] Soon after Link meets the Maku Tree, Veran's actions 400 years in the past take effect and cause the Maku Tree to vanish in the present.[23][24] By travelling to the past, Link finds a group of Veran's forces attacking the Maku Tree sprout and defeats them. The Maku Tree sprout admires Link's brave rescue, saying that she will repay him when she grows up.[25] Just before Link leaves, the Maku Tree sprout exclaims that she wishes to be his bride.[21]

Upon returning to the present, Link discovers that the Maku Tree's memory is fading due to the disruption of the flow of time.[5] She is still able to remember Link's rescue centuries ago; however, she has confused the vow she made to marry Link as being Link's own words.[22] The Maku Tree is dismayed upon realizing that Link has not come back for her love.[26] The Maku Tree shifts her focus to defeating Veran and tells Link that he must first restore her memory by collecting the eight Essences of Time scattered across Labrynna.[7] The Maku Tree then directs Link to Yoll Graveyard, the location of the first Essence of Time, and gives him the Seed Satchel and Ember Seeds needed to access the area.[9]

The Maku Tree points Link to the direction of the next Essence after every dungeon.[11] However, she cannot sense the location of the final Essence, the Falling Star, leaving Link to find it on his own.[13] After the sixth dungeon, Mermaid's Cave, the Maku Tree informs Link that Queen Ambi has left her palace and that it is time to rescue Nayru from Veran's clutches.[27] After Link gathers all eight Essences and restores the Maku Tree's memory, she gives Link a Huge Maku Seed, which allows him to penetrate the evil forces surrounding the Black Tower and enter.[15]


  • The Maku Tree and the Huge Maku Seed it produces are referred to in the Japanese titles of both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, which translate as "The Legend of Zelda: Nut of the Mysterious Tree: Chapter of Space-Time/Earth".
  • In the French translation, the name Maku was changed to Bojo. That is because "Maku" sounds too similar to a vulgar expression for one's bottom.[citation needed]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マカの木 (Maka no Ki) Maka Tree
France FrenchEU Arbre Bojo Bojo Tree
Germany German Maku-Baum Maku Tree
Italy Italian Albero Maku Maku Tree
Spain SpanishEU Árbol Maku Maku Tree


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