Malo Mart (Theme)

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"Malo Mart" is a Song in Twilight Princess.


"Malo Mart (Theme)" is associated with the locations of the same name, Malo Mart and Malo Mart Castle Branch. It is the fifth track in Disc 2 of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Original Soundtrack.

It is a remix of the game's Shop theme.


The lyrics of the high-pitched voice samples which are repeated throughout the song can be interpreted as "買っちゃいな~ 買っちゃいな~ 買いたくなったら 買っちゃいな~" ("kacchaina kacchaina kaitakunattara kacchaina"), which roughly translates to "Why not buy some? Why not buy some? If you like it, why not buy some?"[1]. "買っちゃいな~ 買っちゃいな~" is also what the two children in the middle of the room chant[2] ("Buy one! Get one!" in the English version[3]). The lines of the woman close to the pillar ("買っちゃうわ〜! 買っちゃうわ〜! 買いたくなくても 買っちゃうわ〜!"[2] or "I'll take one! I'll take one! I don't really want one, but I take one, by gosh!" in the English version[4]) can be seen as a respone to these lyrics. Nonsensical English mondegreens of the high vocals include "Rice cake farm? Rice cake farm? Why did we come to the rice cake farm?" or possibly "Next gay bar".

The announcer voice sample played half a minute into the song can be heard as "This store's the greatest greatest store in the store yes it's full, can you see in the whole wide world it is great Rabiyusen*!" In addition, if played backwards it has been found to sound like "とにかく安いマロマート、本日に限りヤーッサガヤーッサニニ安い安い安いガーサン" ("tonikaku yasui maroma-to, honjitsu ni kagiri ya-ssagaya-ssanini yasui yasui yasui ga-san")[5] with a slight variation of the lyrics found in [6], which roughly translates to "Malo Mart, always cheap! Only today cheap, cheap, cheap!" (broken up by some interjections).

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