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This article is about the character from Breath of the Wild. For similar characters, see Manny (Disambiguation).

Manny is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3]


Breath of the Wild

Manny is a man who resides alone in Hateno Village, often spending his days people-watching in front of The Great Ton Pu Inn.[4] At night, he stands in front of the door to his house.

When Link first approaches to Manny, he will find him mumbling to himself.[5] If spoken to, he explains that he is checking out the people who pass him by, which is what he does everyday.[4] He then asks Link if he is staying at the Inn.[6] Should Link respond that he has, Manny states that it makes no difference to him.[7] Alternatively, if Link claims no to have done so, Manny will be confused.[8]

Whatever his response, Manny will declare that his loitering is actually a profession.[9] If Link agrees his this, Manny will be pleased.[10] If Link responds that this is weird, Manny calls him weird in response.[11] Manny claims that Hateno Village has been peaceful lately, but he is aware that life outside the Village can be dangerous.[12] Therefore, he says that he has put himself in charge of making sure no suspicious individuals come by, but he accidentally reveals that he is watching for "beauties."[13]

Should Link claim that this job sounds difficult, Manny will agree with him.[14] However, if Link comments on his mistake, Manny will sigh.[15] Either way, he claims that his actions can be explained by seeing Prima, the proprietor of The Great Ton Pu Inn.[16] He then quietly remarks that she does not know who he is.[17] Frustrated by this Manny decides to give her a gift.[18] He asks Link if he knows what Prima would like, but he claims he is doing so on behalf of a friend of a friend.[19] After he finishes speaking, the "A Gift for My Beloved" Side Quest will begin.

Following this conversation, Link is able to ask Manny questions.[20][21] If Link asks if he knows Prima, Manny scolds him for not referring to her casually, but he then inquires whether he has been to the Inn.[22] He reveals that Prima serves as the clerk for The Great Ton Pu Inn.[23] He then repeats his desire to give her a gift.[18] If Link questions Manny's loitering, he defends himself, claiming that he is preventing suspicious people from entering Hateno Village.[24] He believes that this is an important service for the Village.[25]

After talking to Prima, Link can return to Manny to share what he learned. While Manny is surprised, he is also jealous that Prima spoke to Link.[26] He tries to be calm, but he then shouts and demands that Link tell him what she likes.[27] When he learns that Prima supposedly wants 100 Restless Crickets, he remarks how coincidental it is, since he also loves Restless Crickets.[28] However, he is concerned about catching 100 of them, so he asks Link to help him by collecting 10.[29]

Once Link has 10 Restless Crickets, he must return to give them to Manny.[30] He quietly reveals that he has yet to catch a single Cricket.[31] Manny then asks Link to hand over his Crickets.[32] He is impressed that Link actually has them, as he thought he was being messed with.[33] After confirming that there are 10 Restless Crickets, Manny gives Link a Silver Rupee.[34] He resolves to catch the rest of the Restless Crickets, at which point he will use them to ask Prima on a date.[35] With this, the Side Quest will be completed.

Afterwards, Link will have more questions he can ask Manny.[36] if Link asks Manny if he is still checking people out, he will stumble through his words, claiming he is looking out for beauties, tourists, and suspicious individuals.[37] Since he mentioned beauties, he brings up Prima, claiming that no one else could be as beautiful as her.[38] He also claims to have heard that Zelda was beautiful, as well, and while she may have been able to compare to Prima, he thinks this only speaks to how pretty they both are.[39]

Following these statements, Link can ask Manny about Zelda, and he is shocked that he does not know about her.[40] He explains that she was "swallowed up" by the Great Calamity, and he attributes the peace in Hyrule Kingdom to her sacrifice.[41] After hearing this, Link can ask him about the Great Calamity, and Manny wonders whether he has been sleeping in a cave for the past 100 years.[42] He has heard that is was a serpent or a black fog, but since he never saw it himself, he tells Link to make inquiries about it with the older residents of Hateno Village.[43]

If Link speaks to Manny while carrying the Blue Flame, he recognizes it as Purah's and wonders how she is doing.[44] Changing the subject, he brings up how many beautiful women reside in Hateno Village, bringing up Prima as an example.[45] He claims that Purah herself was likely just as beautiful when she was younger.[46]

Tears of the Kingdom


Manny is a common nickname for "Emmanuel."[47]

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マンサク (Mansaku)
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