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The Mask Trading Sequence is a continuous chain of trading masks to people around Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, and it can only be done during young Link's time.


Trading Items




Event Procedure

The trading sequence is available after Link shows Zelda's Letter to the soldier guarding the entrance to Death Mountain. Link then goes to Hyrule Castle Town and starts the sidequest by talking to the Happy Mask Salesman at the Happy Mask Shop located in the Market.

Link can borrow a mask from the shop which he must sell, and once it has been sold, he must come back and pay for the mask in the shop again. Link must sell one mask before he can get the next mask. The young hero can get 8 different masks from the Happy Mask Shop once he has sold enough of them. When he sells the first four masks, he can borrow one mask and have it for as long as he wants, but he can only have one mask at a time. The sequence is as follows:

  • The first mask Link has to sell is the Keaton Mask. The guard standing near the Death Mountain Trail in Kakariko Village will buy this off of Link. It is worth 10 Rupees, and the guard will pay with 15, giving Link a 5 Rupee profit.
  • The second mask is the Skull Mask, where Link must talk to the Skull Kid through the trunk to the left in the Lost Woods. It is worth 20 Rupees, but the Skull Kid will only give him 10.
  • The next mask is the Spooky Mask. Link must speak to the kid at the Kakariko Graveyard during the day while wearing the mask. It is worth 30 Rupees, and the kid will pay full price.
  • The last mask is the Bunny Hood. The man running around Hyrule Field will buy this mask off of Link. The running-man will not appear until Link gets all three Spiritual Stones, and can be best caught while he is resting at night. It is worth 50 Rupees, but the running-man will completely fill Link's wallet. Because of this, it is recommended that Link acquires the Giant's Wallet before selling the mask, in order to maximize the amount of Rupees gained.

With the first four masks sold, the Happy Mask Salesman allows Link to freely use the other four, although they cannot be sold, neither can the other masks for a second time:



Involved Masks

Rewarded Masks