Maze Island Palace

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The Maze Island Palace is the fourth dungeon in The Adventure of Link, and is visited by Link during his quest to place one of the shards of the Magic Crystal in its lectern to unseal the whereabouts of the Triforce of Courage and rouse Princess Zelda from her unnatural slumber.

Themes and Navigation

As suggested by the name, the dungeon has its location on Maze Island in the Far Eastern Sea, an island whose mountains, rivers, and hills (and hidden pitfalls) make it a natural labyrinth. Although no spells or items are required to enter the palace, Link cannot complete it if he hasn't learned the Reflect magic in the Mountain Town of Darunia. This is the only palace whose entrance contains an enemy (excluding the possibility of a concealed Iron Knuckle), namely a Fiery Moa.

It was built from purple bricks, making it more elegant than its three predecessors, and it is notable for being the first dungeon where Link can fall into big holes without dying, instead discovering new areas. This dungeon requires the Jump Thrust ability, as well as the Reflect magic (since the Wizard population appears here and they can only be defeated by reflection of their attacks). Within the Palace walls, Link finds the Winged Boots, useful for walking on water (but only in the lake that leads to the next palace and a Heart Container), and defeats the mighty ghost Carock.

Minor Enemies and Traps


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