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Not to be confused with Medusa Head.

Medusa are a type of Stone Statue that appear in Dark World dungeons of A Link to the Past, dungeons in Ancient Stone Tablets, and Lorule dungeons of A Link Between Worlds.


A Link to the Past

Medusa are a type of trap that first appears in the Palace of Darkness, and appears commonly in many of the dungeons throughout the Dark World. They are usually placed in the corners of rooms, but sometimes are placed out in the open. They will not cause damage if Link touches them, but they will shoot fireballs at him at regular intervals. These fireballs cannot be stopped by his small Fighter's Shield and will cause a whole heart of damage, so exploring these dungeons without the protection of a Red Shield can be challenging. Unlike Stone Statues, Medusa will shoot fireballs at Link even if all the other enemies in the room are destroyed. Medusa themselves are invincible.

In Turtle Rock, some Medusa appear that will not shoot at Link, but instead they will have Guruguru Bars spinning around them.

A Link Between Worlds

Medusa also appear in A Link Between Worlds, behaving exactly like A Link to the Past. A new variety appears which spits out ice balls that freeze Link on contact. Their projectiles can also harm other enemies if they are present. No weapons affect the Medusa, except the Ice Rod, which temporarily stuns these traps.

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets

In Ancient Stone Tablets, Medusa will also appear in many of the dungeons, starting with Level 2. Unlike A Link to the Past, these dungeons are in the Light World. Also unlike the previous game, not all Medusa are active, with some of them not shooting fireballs at all.


  • In Turtle Rock, it is possible to avoid taking damage from the Guruguru Bars spinning from the Medusa statues by extending the Hookshot, which causes Link to become invincible as the platform moves past the flames.


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メデューサ (Medūsa)[1]Same as English.
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