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The Miiverse Gallery is a location in Hytopia in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


The Miiverse Gallery opens once the Links have completed at least one Level in the Drablands. The Gallery is owned and operated by the Photo Bro, who has enough spare Cameras that he will simply give one to Link when they first meet.[2] This Camera allows Link to take one screenshot per Level while adventuring in the Drablands; upon completion of the Level, the most recent screenshot taken will be saved into his photo album, which can store up to 99 photos.[3]

By speaking to the Photo Bro inside the Miiverse Gallery, Link can select a photo to post onto Miiverse,[4][note 1] along with an optional message or a black-and-white drawing, which can employ any Miiverse Stamps collected. Link can also ask to edit his album, allowing him to view any photos taken and delete unwanted photos.[5]

As the Camera can only be used while in the Drablands, the Miiverse Gallery cannot be used to post screenshots of Hytopia onto Miiverse. Instead, the player must press the HOME Menu button to suspend Tri Force Heroes, then select the Miiverse icon.[6]

The Miiverse Gallery also features a wall covered in pictures taken by Mr. Tudor,[7] an old-fashioned large format Camera which takes unflattering pictures of Link,[8] and a bookshelf where he can read about the basics of photography and Miiverse, as well as Volume 8 of the Drablands Diary.


  • A picture of Makar from The Wind Waker can be seen on the eastern wall of the Gallery. This picture also appears in the Milk Bar seen in A Link Between Worlds. Another picture on the wall is of a Fairy who resembles Navi.
  • The ability to post screenshots, as well as all mentions of "Miiverse" were removed from the Korean version of Tri Force Heroes, as Miiverse was not available in that region.


Names in Other Regions
ミーバース写真館 (Mībāsu Shashin-kan)[10]Miiverse Photo Studio
The French Republic
Galerie Miiverse[12]Miiverse Gallery
Galerie Miiverse[15]Miiverse Gallery
The Federal Republic of Germany
Miiverse-Galerie[11]Miiverse Gallery
The Italian Republic
Galleria Miiverse[9]Miiverse Gallery
The Republic of Korea
사진관 (Sajingwan)[13]Photo Studio
Latin America
Estudio Miiverse[14]Miiverse studio
The Kingdom of Spain
Estudio Miiverse[16]Miiverse Studio
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  1. This feature is no longer functional, as Miiverse's service ended on November 8th, 2017.


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