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Milk Road is a road leading to Romani Ranch in Majora's Mask.[1] It is located to the east of the Southern Swamp.

Features and Overview

Milk Road gets its name from the nickname of Romani Ranch: "Milk Village,"[2] as Romani Ranch is known chiefly for its production of dairy products, including regular Milk as well as its signature product, Chateau Romani. Milk Road is a rather uneventful area, as it is merely an intermediate path leading to several other places, but there are some points of interest.

The road branches into four paths. The southern-most path takes Link to Termina Field. The eastern path brings him to the entrance to the Gorman Track,[3] where he can race against the Gorman Brothers, provided he has a horse of his own.[4] The next path also takes the hero to a part of the racetrack.[5] This part cannot be accessed, however, for it has a fence blocking it, and not even with the help of a horse can Link jump over it.

The final, northern-most path takes Link to the road's primary attraction, Romani Ranch. This part is blocked off until the Final Day, however, since there is a giant boulder blocking the path,[6] which an unnamed worker spends the first two days trying to remove.[7] The boulder can be removed early with the use of a Powder Keg, which instantly destroys it.

On the eastern path leading to the Gorman Track, an Owl Statue can be found. Over to the northern part of the road is a lone tree. Also seen on Milk Road is Tingle, ready to sell Maps of both Romani Ranch and Great Bay for 20 and 40 Rupees, respectively.

Milk Road also has a patch of Rustling Grass, where a Keaton can be summoned by cutting the grass while wearing the Keaton Mask. If Link answers all of its five questions correctly, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.



Names in Other Regions
ミルクロード (Miruku Rōdo) (MM)[9]Same as English.
The Federal Republic of Germany
Milchstraße (MM)[10]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Via del Latte (MM | MM3D)[11][12]Milk Way
Latin America
Camino Lácteo (MM3D)[8]Lacteal Road
The Kingdom of Spain
Camino Lácteo (MM)[13]Lacteal Path
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