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Mipha is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[25][26][27][name references needed]


Breath of the Wild

Mipha was the Princess of the Zora, a friend of Link, and one of the Champions. She is described as being kind and soft spoken.[28] She has a gift for healing, known as Mipha's Grace.[29] She was the only daughter of King Dorephan and the elder sister of Sidon.[30]

When Mipha was born, Dento crafted the Lightscale Trident for her.[31] When she grew older, she began to take lessons from the royal guard of the Zora, which led to them becoming fond of her.[32] In particular, Seggin loved Mipha as though she were his own daughter, and he taught her how to use her Lightscale Trident.[33] Her skills with the Trident were described as being in a class of their own.[34] She also received tutelage from Muzu, who she was close with.[35]

Mipha met Link when he joined a group of Hylian diplomats visiting Zora's Domain at the age of four.[36] She was surprised by how energetic he seemed and impressed he was talented enough to best adults at swordsmanship.[37] Due to his recklessness, Mipha would heal his bruises with her Grace.[38][39] She found the way he looked up at her to be adorable.[40]

As part of King Rhoam's excavations, Divine Beast Vah Ruta was discovered at Zora's Domain.[41] When she heard of this news, Mipha rushed to go see it.[42] Witnesses claimed that Mipha had a sparkle in her eyes when she saw the Divine Beast,[43] which Mipha claims is due to finding it cute.[44] She then spoke to Vah Ruta as though they were friends.[45] Mipha found it interesting to imagine the person who piloted the Divine Beast for 10,000 years ago, and she wondered who would do so next.[46]

As a Hylian, Link grew up faster than Mipha did.[47] When he returned to Zora's Domain with the Master Sword, Mipha was proud of him, but she was concerned by how rarely he spoke and smiled.[48] When she asked how he was, Link shook his head at her, and Mipha felt as though he were looking past her.[49]

Zelda came to Zora's Domain, where she asked Mipha if she would be the Champion of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[50] Mipha was overjoyed and, feeling a sense of duty to stop Calamity Ganon, agreed to Zelda's request.[45][51] Not only did she feel compelled to defend Zora's Domain and the rest of Hyrule against Calamity Ganon, Mipha also wanted to help Link.[52]

A screenshot of Mipha kneeling to speak with a young Sidon atop Veiled Falls. Princess Zelda stands behind them.
Mipha speaking to a young Sidon at Veiled Falls

During the "Champion Mipha's Song" EX Recovered Memory, which is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, Mipha and Zelda can be seen standing together on top of Veiled Falls. She asks Zelda who her fellow Champions are,[53] and Zelda describes Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa to her.[54] While Zelda refuses to say the Hylian Champion's name,[55] Mipha realizes that she is talking about Link.[56] Looking down the Waterfall, Mipha sees Sidon paddling in the Water, and she yells for him to Swim up to them.[57] Zelda believes he may be too young to do so on his own,[58] but Mipha states that she will have to leave him to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[59] Mipha then dives down the Veiled Falls to join Sidon, where she tells him to ride on her back so he can get a feel for Swimming up Waterfalls.[60] At the top of the Waterfall, Mipha kneels beside Sidon and tells him that, if anything happens to her, it will be his duty to protect Zora's Domain.[61] Sidon smiles in response. Mipha expresses her belief in him before asking if he would like to try Swimming up the Waterfall again.[62]

In order to become a Champion, Mipha was tasked with undertaking a Divine Beast Tamer's Trial to prove she was worthy of taming a Divine Beast.[63] This Trial included Swimming through a Glowing Ring in the Lanayru Sea, fighting Guardians in Upland Zorana, and Swimming through Glowing Rings on the Waterfalls of Mikau Lake and Lulu Lake.[64] For the first Trial, she kept a note describing when the Glowing Ring would appear, which she would often repeat to herself.[65]

The next time Link visited Zora's Domain, Mipha told him about the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain, which had been causing trouble for the Zora.[66] Link immediately left for Ploymus Mountain, and Mipha followed after him.[67] Link tried to convince Mipha to leave the fight to him, but their arguing led to the Lynel ambushing them.[68] He then defeated the Lynel with the Master Sword, which fascinated Mipha.[69] Inspired by his strength and desire to help others, Mipha realized that she was in love with Link.[70] This event would later be documented in the History of the Zora, Part Seven.[71] Mipha was also interested in Link's Spin Attack, which she wanted to practice with the Lightscale Trident.[72]

A screenshot of the Picture of the Champions, depicting Mipha and the other Champions being pulled into a group hug by Daruk.
The Picture of the Champions

"The Champions' Ballad" EX Recovered Memory follows the inauguration of the Champions in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle. King Rhoam bestows upon them blue cloths, which symbolizes their connection to the Royal Family of Hyrule and were crafted by Zelda.[73] Afterwards, the Champions gather at the Hyrule Castle Gazebo. Alongside Urbosa and Revali, Mipha learns about the Sheikah Slate from Zelda.[74] Revali hands the Sheikah Slate to Mipha, and Urbosa recalls that Zelda recently showed her the Camera Rune's ability to take Pictures.[75] Mipha is amazed by the prospect and wishes to see it, and she asks whether she can request a favor from Zelda.[76] The scene then cuts to the Champions standing together, while Purah directs them from behind the Sheikah Slate.[77] Noticing that Mipha appears tense, Purah tells her to take deep breaths.[78] Just as Purah takes the Picture, Daruk wraps his arms around all of the Champions, resulting in the Picture of the Champions.

Mipha later wrote in her Diary about the inauguration, claiming that she does not recall much of the ceremony itself.[79] However, she believed that she would remember the moment she shared with the rest of the Champions forever.[80] In particular, she is grateful for Zelda for allowing her request and Daruk for bringing her so close to Link.[81] Despite gaining such a happy memory, Mipha was saddened to hear that Link would be spending so much time with Zelda as her personal guard.[82] During the "Subdued Ceremony" Recovered Memory, Mipha attends Link's appointment as Zelda's guard with her fellow Champions. She appears annoyed by Revali disrupting the ceremony. Zelda also notes that Mipha had the easiest time mastering her Divine Beast.[83]

Due to Muzu's dislike of Hylians, Mipha never told him about her feelings for Link.[84] Despite this, she still prepared Zora Armor for Link, which is traditionally given by Zora princesses to the man they will marry.[85] She considered giving it to him during his next visit to Zora's Domain, but she had doubts about doing so.[86] She took hope from a legend about a Zora princess falling in love with a Hylian swordsman.[87] Since she and Link would be on their own, she planned on riding Divine Beast Vah Ruta's trunk together during the sunset.[88]

Mipha and Link on Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Their meeting can be seen during "Mipha's Touch," which is the 10th Recovered Memory. As she heals a wound on Link's arm, Mipha recalls their first meeting and how she would heal him.[38] She comments that since he was a Hylian, Link seemed to grow up much faster than she did.[47] Mipha then changes the subject, wondering what can be done if Calamity Ganon returned, since they do not know much about his abilities.[89] Mipha assures Link that no matter how difficult the battle is or how severe his wounds may be, she is will always be there to protect and heal him.[90] Mipha hopes that they will be able to spend time together after Calamity Ganon is defeated.[91]

During the "Return of Calamity Ganon" Recovered Memory, Mipha and the rest of the Champions can be seen waiting at the Lanayru Road - East Gate on the day of Zelda's 17th birthday. She appears dismayed to hear the Zelda failed to unlock her sealing power at the Spring of Wisdom. In an attempt to help Zelda, Mipha reveals that she has been thinking about what goes through her mind when she uses her Grace.[92] However, she is cut off before she can finish the thought as the ground behind them shakes.[93] Revali flies into the air to investigate, discovering that Calamity Ganon has emerged from below Hyrule Castle. Urbosa discerns what has happened,[94] and when Mipha asks if they are certain,[95] Revali states that he is positive.[96] Daruk takes control of the situation and orders the Champions to their Divine Beasts.[97]

To reach Divine Beast Vah Ruta during the Great Calamity, Mipha swam through the Lanayru Wetlands and up Zora River.[98] By the time she arrived, Vah Ruta had already been overtaken by Waterblight Ganon.[99] Mipha was defeated and killed while fighting Waterblight Ganon.[100][101][102]

While mourning Mipha, the Zora attempted to send the Lightscale Trident down the Zora River, hoping it would allow her soul to rest.[103] When they did, the Trident began to glow, and Mipha's voice was heard.[104] She told them to stop grieving and crying over her, instead, they should focus on remembering.[105] Due to this, the Zora began to celebrate the Champion Festival on the anniversary of the Great Calamity.[106] Mipha's Statue was also erected in her honor in the Zora's Domain Square.[107]

Since her death during the Great Calamity, Mipha's spirit has been trapped within Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[17] When Link enters Vah Ruta during the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest, Mipha's voice can be heard. She is happy that the day has finally arrived to free her Divine Beast.[108] She directs Link to Ruta's Guidance Stone, where he can obtain a Map.[109]

After Link obtains a Map, Mipha instructs him to activate the five Terminals, which will allow them to regain control of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[110] As Link activates the Terminals, Mipha provides words of encouragement.[111][112][113][114] Once all of the Terminals are active, Mipha tells Link to start the Main Control Unit, though she warns him not to let his guard down.[115] When Link attempts to do so, however, Malice will begin to swirl around the Main Control Unit. Waterblight Ganon then appear, and Mipha reveals that it was responsible for killing her 100 years ago.[101] Mipha believes that Link will be capable of defeating it, and she assures him that she has faith in him.[116]

Mipha's introduction

Once Link defeats Waterblight Ganon, he will finally be able to activate the Main Control Unit. When he does so, Mipha will appear before him. She reveals that both herself and Divine Beast Vah Ruta have been freed because of his actions.[17] She thanks Link for this freedom, for they can be together again.[117] Mipha explains that, as a spirit, her ability to heal would be wasted on her.[118] As a result, she decides to gift Mipha's Grace to Link.[119] A glowing blue orb then appears in front of her, which she launches forward, eventually settling in Link's chest.

Mipha admits that she cried at the thought of never being freed just only a day prior.[120] Now that Link is here, however, Mipha's wish to see him one last time has been fulfilled.[121] She tells Link not to hesitate when her power is needed, as knowing this will put her spirit at rest.[122] As Link is Warped out of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Mipha urges him to save Zelda.[123]

With her ability to control Divine Beast Vah Ruta restored, Mipha pilots it out of the East Reservoir Lake by going under the Rutala Dam. They pass through Rutala River, eventually settling in a lake near the Zodobon Highlands. From here, Divine Beast Vah Ruta takes aim at Hyrule Castle. While standing atop the Divine Beast, Mipha is pleased that she has found a way to be useful to Link and the rest of the Champions.[124] She reminds Ruta that their job will be to drain Calamity Ganon of his power inside Hyrule Castle.[125] Mipha asserts that this is not only her last chance, but also the last hope of Hyrule.[126] Sealing Calamity Ganon will restore peace to Hyrule and fulfill both Mipha and Divine Beast Vah Ruta's duties.[127]

Looking back at Zora's Domain, Mipha wonders if King Dorephan has been well.[128] She assures him that she has always followed her heart, and she apologizes for making him worry.[129] Mipha wishes that she could see her father one more time.[130]

Mipha's spirit appears whenever Link uses Mipha's Grace, where she will completely restore his Life Gauge and provide him with extra Hearts.[131] Her voice will also inform Link when Mipha's Grace has finished recharging.[132]

During The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, Mipha's Diary will appear in the Throne Room of Zora's Domain. At the end of the "EX Champion Mipha's Song" Main Quest, Link will hear the voice of Mipha from inside Divine Beast Vah Ruta. She tells Link that he is stronger than he was before, and she reveals that Mipha's Grace will now take less time to recharge.[133] With his current power, Mipha believes he is capable of saving Hyrule and Zelda.[134]

If Link chooses to repeat his fight with Waterblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm, Mipha will speak to him after his battle. In her first line of dialogue, Mipha inquires if he remembers fighting the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain with her.[135] In her second line of dialogue, Mipha asks Link how much he remembers from before the Great Calamity and if he knows why the Zora Armor fits him so well.[136] While she is resigned to the fact that Link may never recover those memories, Mipha claims she will never forget.[137] In her third line of dialogue, Mipha warns Link against reading her Diary if he ever discovers it.[138] In her fourth line of dialogue, Mipha asks Link to pass along messages to King Dorephan, Sidon, and Zelda on her behalf, but she could not bring herself to pass her message to Link himself.[139] In her final line of dialogue, Mipha calls Link exceptional for defeating Waterblight Ganon, and she believes he is capable of defeating Calamity Ganon and saving Zelda.[140]

When Link faces Calamity Ganon in the Astral Observatory, all of the freed Divine Beasts will begin their attack. Mipha proclaims that this will be her and Divine Beast Vah Ruta's final opportunity, and she launches a laser towards Hyrule Castle.[141] Mipha's attack on its own removes 12.5% of Calamity Ganon's health. When combined with the other freed Divine Beasts' attacks, a total of half of Calamity Ganon's health will be removed.

After Dark Beast Ganon has been defeated, Mipha can be briefly seen on top of Hyrule Castle with King Rhoam and the other Champions before all departing to the afterlife.

Tears of the Kingdom

A screenshot of Mipha's Statue at Mipha's Court during the night.
Mipha's Statue at Mipha Court

Although Mipha does not physically appear in Tears of the Kingdom, she is often mentioned by the residents of Zora's Domain. In the Learnings of the Zora, Part Four, Sidon recalls Mipha rescuing him and Yona when they were swept down the Zora River as children.[142] This incident led to Yona admiring Mipha.[143] After her death, Sidon and several other Zora soldiers claim to have heard Mipha's voice urging them to defend Dorephan during a battle against Lizalfos.[144]

When the Zora decided to create a park on Ploymus Mountain, Sidon suggested naming it Mipha Court after his sister.[145] Due to their love for Mipha, the Zora agreed to this suggestion.[146] Mipha's Statue was enshrined at Shatterback Point, where she is said to watch over the Zora.[147]

During the "Sidon of the Zora" Main Quest, Yona accuses Sidon of being paralyzed by the fear of losing her, just as he lost Mipha.[148][149] With her help, Sidon is able to overcome his fear, and he decides to join Link in finding the source of the Sludge plaguing Zora's Domain.[150]

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mipha — Spirit Battle Information
SSBU Mipha Spirit Icon.png
SSBU Support Spirit Icon.png Support Spirit
No. 239
Team Power SSBU Shield Type Icon.png Shield | 3900 Rank ★★ ADVANCED Fighter(s)
Stage Great Bay (Battlefield) Theme "Main Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" SSBU Inkling Stock Icon 5.png Inkling
Rule(s) Hazard(s)
 • Stamina battle Triforce piece.png
 • The enemy heals over time Triforce piece.png
Mipha — Spirit Information
SSBU Mipha Spirit Icon.png

No. 239
Rank ★★ ADVANCED Cost
Critical-Health Stats ↑
Slightly increases attack, defense, and move speed for a while when badly damaged.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mipha appears as a Spirit with the ability, Critical-Health Stats Up, which raises a Fighters speed, defense, and attack when the Fighter is at high damage.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

When learning of Hyrule's dark future from the Diminutive Guardian Terrako, Princess Zelda travels to the four corners of Hyrule for potential Champions who will pilot the Divine Beasts in their respective regions. Among one of them is Mipha, who lives in Zora's Domain with the rest of her aquatic folks.

In Mipha, the Zora Princess Scenario, upon visiting Zora's Domain, Zelda speaks to King Dorephan and requests for Mipha's assistance in piloting Divine Beast Vah Ruta, but the king doesn't want to have his daughter put in danger in any way and politely turns down her request; meanwhile, Mipha and Link meet again and engages in a short conversation with him,[151] and she sees Terrako and takes an immediate liking to it,[152] before a Zora Captain warns them of an attack by monsters and Mipha asks about her father,[153] notices that Prince Sidon is nowhere to be found, a worried Mipha heads out to search for him.[154] The situation becomes worse when an army of electrical foes attack and Mipha is repeatedly cautioned about engaging with them as the Zora are extremely vulnerable to electricity making the safety of Sidon and Zora's Domain her top priority. Despite this fact, Mipha refuses to back down from the fight and suspects that Sidon likely headed for the forbidden Ploymus Rock which is infamous for its presence of the dreaded red-maned Lynel that's known for wielding Shock Arrows. After defending the outposts and their captains, Mipha enters Ploymus Rock and notices Sidon pointing a Zora Spear at a Lynel and she manages to drive it off. Mipha reunites with Sidon and lightly scolds him for wandering off and scaring everyone with his absence,[155] but she does praise his bravery and expresses pride for it.[156] She is soon horrified that the monsters have brought in reinforcements and she looks at Princess Zelda's Sheikah Slate which showed an image of a strange mechanical elephant.[157] King Dorephan battles a large number of foes to keep them out of the Domain and was about to be killed by an Electric Moblin when a blue laser blasts it away. King Dorephan looks in awe,[158] as it was none other than Mipha aboard Vah Ruta who was responsible for it and she used it to obliterate the majority of the monsters that stood in her way. After the dust clears, Mipha and the rest of Link's party are at the throne room where King Dorephan notes how bad things are getting and they weren't prepared for the earlier battle. He then asks Mipha to attend which she complies.[159] He permits Mipha to become the Zora Champion who will pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta after witnessing her prowess with it, but he adds that she must promise to return home safely, since Sidon is still young and he needs his sister to be there for him.

In The Yiga Clan Attacks! Scenario, once the Champions are recruited, she joins with Princess Zelda as she journeys through downtown to calibrate the Divine Beasts to make it easier for the Champions to control. Mipha converses with Daruk and inquires his help with her training to better handle tougher foes,[160] which Daruk happily agrees to do so, but he adds that they still need a knight worthy enough to seal the darkness,[161] which Mipha agreed,[162] and upon seeing Link upfront, he chuckles a bit implying that he possibly knows of her crush on the Hylian knight.[163] They are soon interrupted by an ambush by the Yiga Clan led by Sooga and she takes a fighting stance with everyone else. Sooga is able to get Princess Zelda out in the open with the diversion and attempts to assassinate her single-handedly only to be deflected by Link and the Yiga Clan retreat for a time.

In Freeing Korok Forest Scenario, she would then join the Champions on their way to Korok Forest where Revali would utilize Divine Beast Vah Medoh to take out all of the outposts and gigantic monsters that surrounded it before letting know that it's safe to pass. During their expedition, Mipha noticed how foggy it was,[164] and Revali believes that they are going in circles and briefly bickers with Daruk before Urbosa assures them that getting lost isn't the problem but the possibility of an ambush. They soon meet with the music loving Hestu who tried to get their attention the whole time. He expresses some worry about the roaming monsters there and Revali remarks that he can get past safely if he did not have his maracas with him, but Urbosa offers to protect Hestu in exchange for his help in getting to the forest clearing. As they traverse the forest, they encounter odd appearances of Malice and Astor's creations made by the substance that resemble the four pilots called Hollows, with one of them being Mipha.[165] After Link used the Master Sword's light to protect Zelda from facing death by those Hollows and forcing the mysterious seer into withdrawal, Mipha and the Champions listen to the Great Deku Tree's words and tells the princess not to worry too much about her dormant power and that it will eventually come. These recent events where Link succeeded at something she didn't, led the princess to worry about her duties even more than she did previously.

In The Road Home, Besieged Scenario, on their way back to Hyrule Castle, Mipha stops as she sees the princess stricken with worry until Terrako plays her lullaby to ease her mind before they are alerted to an ambush along the way. When the dust clears, Mipha and the Champions are promoted and granted the blue cloths to signify their status and the Zora Princess swaps out her royal Zora sash and some of her silver jewelry with the new blue sash with Divine Beast Vah Ruta's emblem embedded on it. After the ceremony, the Champions hang out outside where Impa and Terrako have a fight with each other as Mipha reminds Daruk of their earlier discussion,[166] which Daruk agrees to get on with it.[167] Grateful, Mipha and almost blurts out that she wished to be stronger to fight alongside Link,[168] which caught the attention of the Hylian who approaches her, leading Mipha to become defensive and tries to explain herself,[169] but was interrupted by the scuffle between Impa and Terrako that soon catches Revali in the middle to the point where he left the area enraged by their behavior. After that, Mipha and the Champions head home to prepare for the worst. Upon learning that Calamity Ganon is returning on Zelda's 17th birthday, King Rhoam has the soldiers stationed at Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno and the civilians evacuated to keep the number of casualties down. Both strongholds are vital for Hyrule's survival and the fall of any of them would guarantee the fall of the kingdom.

In Calamity Strikes Scenario, Mipha was at Lanayru Tower where she witnessed Calamity Ganon having returned after being dormant for 10,000 years straight,[170] and the Sheikah Towers are being shut down across Hyrule as Mipha had no choice but to board Ruta to launch a counterstrike. Link and Princess Zelda had their journey to the Spring of Wisdom postponed due to this and rushed back to save the latter's father, but they are forced to flee as Rhoam orders them to as he is surrounded by the now corrupted Guardians where he meets his supposed doom. As Zelda breaks down over everything going wrong, her tears fell on Terrako's center screw and it summoned time portals leading Impa to believe that not all hope is lost and there is still time to save the Champions.

In Water and Fire Scenario, Mipha engages in battle with Waterblight Ganon where the water is all but frozen and the Zora Princess at its mercy.[171] It soon charges at her with the Cryonic formations and an ice flail and Mipha braces for her end, but before she could be killed, a time portal arrives, bringing forth an adult Prince Sidon from the future and shatters the ammunition, refusing to lose his sister again,[172] much to Mipha's surprise as the Sidon she knew is a child.[173] The demon proved to be too strong for the both of them, but Mipha approaches it,[174] despite Sidon's protests.[175] Regardless, Sidon's support to Mipha provides enough time for help to arrive,[176] and after Link and the group dispose of Waterblight Ganon, Mipha is too fatigued to continue fighting but with Waterblight Ganon gone it was safe for her to stay behind while Sidon joins Link in assisting Daruk. By destroying the Igneo Talus, Ruta uses its trunk to spray water to cool the lava flow. After Daruk is safe thanks to Yunobo, Mipha recovers her lost strength to join them on Rudania, where she questions the adult Sidon if she was her brother.[177] Sidon confirms so,[178] but he adds that he came from the future,[179] and saw her in battle, so he came for her.[180] Daruk laughs it off before turning his attention to Princess Zelda where his tone turns serious as he asks about the fate of Hyrule Castle.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, EX Battle of Goponga Village, Mipha and Sidon assist in defending Goponga Village to protect the residents there. Sidon instructs the able-bodied soldiers on their next mission,[181] and Mipha begins healing the wounds of one of the Zora soldiers,[182] when she saw her adult brother battle the more Moblins and an Electric Moblin is headed for her.[183] She then sees her infant brother stepping between her and the Moblin,[184] and pleads with him to turn tail before he is hurt or killed,[185] but luckily, the adult Sidon manages to kill the monster before either Mipha or his younger self are harmed. He checks on his infant self to make sure he is okay,[186] and Mipha expresses relief that both Sidons are unscathed,[187] but then asked her younger brother what he was doing here.[188] Adult Sidon suspects that his infant counterpar wanted to be brave and help them,[189] and while he gives a small lecture, he still praises him.[190] He encourages the youngster to become strong enough to protect his older sister,[191] briefly trailing off at the thought over not being able to protect the Mipha in his own timeline despite being young himself at the time, before they both flash their trademark grins as Mipha laughs.

In Relentless as a Waterfall Scenario, Mipha and Sidon are out to assist the soldiers at Akkala Citadel where they are having a tough battle.[192] and upon backing them up, Sidon informs that they'll cover them,[193] Mipha promises that she'll do what she can.[194] Mipha expresses how proud she is at how Sidon has become after a hundred years.[195] Sidon adds that they will succeed before looking away,[196] thinking of the Mipha of his own timeline, the one whom he had lost.[197] Mipha then shifts his focus on the battle, asking if he is ready.[198] Sidon confirms so as they join their tridents.[199] Sidon was granted control over Ruta as Mipha heals the wounds on the Hylian Soldiers to get them back into battle up until Daruk and Yunobo arrive to back them up until the bridge to the citadel was destroyed to prevent the Malice Guardians from accessing it.

In Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, after successfully defending the citadel, Mipha backs up Urbosa with Daruk and Revali with their Divine Beasts when they were outnumbered. Several events occur, Princess Zelda awakens her power that she had sought for years to save Link from Astor and the recreated Phantoms, which the prophet of doom had reaped the souls of the Yiga Clan as a sign of betrayal, resulting in Master Kohga and the surviving Yiga Clan soldiers (minus Sooga, whose fate is uncertain) to put aside their differences and join forces with the Hyrulean Army, and Purah creates and activates a failsafe that disable the corrupted Guardians that make up Ganon's main army, turning the tides in Hyrule's favor, and Zelda's father is revealed to be alive at the Great Plateau in The Great Plateau Scenerio, thanks to the device that was given to him by Zelda, revealed to be an Ancient Guardian Shield to deflect their lasers.

In All Hyrule United Scenario, Mipha, Sidon, and Ruta are later summoned by Purah, who restored and supercharged the Sheikah Towers, with the other Champions, present and future, their Divine Beasts, and the armies of all races across Hyrule, uniting them all and Mipha is relieved that everything is going great.[200][201] With her father's approval, Zelda takes command of the united army and battles the remaining monsters and once Ganon's raised barrier is brought down, Mipha opens fire with the rest of the Champions to weaken Ganon,[202][203][204][205] but then the Blood Moon rises raising Ganon's power to revive the fallen monsters, but despite this, the Hyruleans persevere as the Champion Pilots leave their Divine Beasts.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Zelda leads the ground forces as Revali and Teba lead the Rito army from the air as they charge into Hyrule Castle to confront Astor and Harbinger Ganon, who was responsible for the earlier attacks against them long before the Great Calamity. The Phantom Ganons were also present but were ultimately destroyed for good as they confront Astor and the Harbinger and managed to defeat both of them. Astor finally loses all composure and orders Ganon to kill the heroes, but he is soon absorbed by Calamity Ganon's Malice to take on a new powerful form and Terrako becomes corrupted by the Malice in the process forcing Link and Zelda to fight it. Once it's sufficiently damaged, Mipha and the other warriors mourn its current state and Zelda becomes determined to ensure Calamity Ganon's fall as they rush upstairs to the Sanctum where Ganon awaited them. Because he reincarnated successfully, none of the heroes' attacks did anything to make it wince even to the slightest and Zelda resorted to an attempt to seal it away with her power, which helps Terrako regain its strength and uses the last of it to jump in between her and Ganon, destroying itself to shatter Ganon's invincibility. This became personal for Zelda and the heroes managed to weaken it enough for Link to cleave Ganon with the sword that seals the darkness and Zelda, with some effort, successfully sealing Ganon away forever restoring peace to Hyrule. With their purposes fulfilled, Terrako's screw used the last of its power to return Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju to their own timelines, and Mipha and Sidon give their heartfelt good-bye,[206][207] as Princess Zelda thanks them dearly for what they have done to preserve the now bright future of Hyrule as the future Champions are returned to their own time. The princess wishes that light will shine on their futures clutching Terrako's screw tightly.

In the Terrako's Return Quest, to repay Terrako for all the miracles it had given them, Mipha and all the warriors that participated in the battle gather fifty of Terrako's components and brought them to the Hyrule's Royal Lab where Purah and Robbie add the finishing touches. Terrako remains dormant much to their concern and Mipha wondered if they are missing something,[208] and Revali tells them that it's still waking up, which Impa agrees to and attempts to wake it up herself and Zelda stops her and steps in front of it and after a minute, Terrako began to respond, much to the relief and joy of Mipha and the others as Terrako is reunited with Zelda. During the end credits following these events, Terrako visits its friends across Hyrule and visits Zora's Domain to greet Mipha, who pets it hello as it passes by. Mipha is seen with her friends as she joins in the group hug with the main members as the other warriors look on.

During the DLC end credits, as the adult Sidon bonds with his younger self and Mipha approaches them and pats both of them on their heads as they once again grin. Mipha is with the rest of the Champions from both the present and future talking among themselves and smile at Terrako. Later, Mipha and the Champion Pilots are at the Sheikah Tower, each back into their original attire as they watch Princess Zelda float away on a paraglider with Terrako, enjoying the beautiful sight as they go and thinking of what they have accomplished in preserving Hyrule's natural beauty and notes that all of their efforts in saving the kingdom are well worth fighting for.

As a playable Warrior, Mipha wields a spear in combat and attacks with fast, multi-hitting combo attacks mixed with Water magic. Her Unique Action allows her to form a geyser and warp to it while jumping in the air, giving her an aerial advantage and hitting her opponent's Weak Point. She can also warp to Water constructs created by her Strong Attacks. Her Enhanced Ability grants her a shockwave whenever she emerges from a geyser or construct. Her Special Attack uniquely heals herself as well as nearby allies, making her especially useful in missions where healing items are disabled or cannot drop.


  • An amiibo based on Mipha released on November 10 2017. This amiibo is compatible with Breath of the Wild's DLC packs.[209]
  • Early designs for Mipha took elements from Oarfish and Rockfish, but her final design was inspired by a Dolphin.[210]


Like most Zora in Breath of the Wild, Mipha's name is a musical reference. Her name seems to come from western solfège, "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do." This also happens to be the two main notes of her music theme, or how it starts out.

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Mipha (BotW)
ミファー (Mifā) (BotW)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
米法 (Mǐfǎ) (BotW)
The People's Republic of China
米法 (Mǐfǎ) (BotW)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Mipha (BotW | HWAoC)
Mipha (BotW)
The French Republic
Mipha (BotW | HWAoC)[211]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Mipha (BotW | HWAoC)
The Italian Republic
Mipha (BotW)
The Russian Federation
Мифа (Mifa) (BotW)
Latin America
Mipha (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
Mipha (BotW)
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