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Molida Island is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]

Features and Overview

Phantom Hourglass

Molida Island is an Island in the Southwestern Sea in Phantom Hourglass. The southern portion of the Island is populated, whereas the northern territory is a wild grove. The Wayfarer's Words can be found scattered throughout the Island, which many of the inhabitants find to be a nuisance.[4] The Shovel can be found in a cave on the Island, which is required for finding a safe route through the foggy passage in the Northwestern Sea. Molida Island also bears the Temple of Courage, which can be found on the back of the isle. To access it, Link needs a Salvage Arm from Eddo on Cannon Island, as Link needs the Sun Key, which is hidden underwater. Before Link can return to Molida Island with the Salvage Arm, a Giant Eye Plant will appear and guard the Island.

Molida Island is also where Link will find the Shooting Range, which is unlocked after clearing the Temple of Courage. In addition, three small portions of land east of the Island can be accessed by blowing up a Wooden Box, or by making a ropebridge between the wooden box and the stone sign, retrieving the Cucco within with the Grappling Hook, then using the Cucco to fly there. With the help of the Shovel, a Treasure Map can be unveiled from the ground at the roots of a tree on the second small island. On the smaller island to the left of the treasure map, there is a smaller island that has a Big Red Rupee which can be obtained by using the shovel in the middle of the island.

Two Big Green Rupees can be found in patches of dirt inside the Old Wayfarer's hideaway. A third Big Green Rupee can be found by digging just under the Tree south of Romanos and Maronie's house.


Minor Enemies

Breath of the Wild

Molida Island is located in the Lanayru Wetlands in Breath of the Wild. It is surrounded by the Shallow Water of the Wetlands, though it is still connected to Kincean Island to the north by a wooden bridge. Molida Island itself is uninhabited, and it is only covered by a few Trees.

One Treasure Chest can be found on Molida Island. Link can come across it underneath the bridge connecting to Kincean Island. When the Chest is opened, Link will receive an Opal.





Tears of the Kingdom


Molida Island is named after the Mollweide projection, a technique for displaying maps. Similarly, Mercay Island is named after the Mercator projection.[5]

Names in Other Regions
  • モルデ島 (Morude Shima) (PH)[7]
  • モルデ島 (Morude Tō) (BotW)
  • Morude Island
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Molida (BotW)[12]Molida
The French Republic
Ile Molida (PH)[9] 
Ile Molida (PH) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Insel Molude (PH)[8] 
The Italian Republic
Isola Molida (PH)[6] 
Latin America
Isla Molida (PH | BotW)[11]Same as English.
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla Molida (PH)[10] 
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