Mrs. Ruul's Villa

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Mrs. Ruul's Villa is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

Mrs. Ruul's Villa is a House in Holodrum Plain. Outside is a small garden with several Grass and Flower patches.

Inga resides inside the Villa. The room contains some bookshelves, a table and chairs, and the large Soothing Pool, which Inga often rests by to cool down.[2] It is here that Link may trade Inga the Ghastly Doll in exchange for the Iron Pot.[3][4]

In a Linked Game, Link will also find Queen Ambi within the Villa upon his first visit. She explains that she is traveling the world, but notes the oddity of Holodrum's rapidly changing Seasons.[5] She later leaves the Villa to further explore Holodrum.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Villa di Mrs. Ruul[6]Same as English.
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