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The Multiplayer Lobby is a location in Tri Force Heroes.[1]

Features and Overview

The Multiplayer Lobby is the room directly north of the entrance to Hytopia Castle, and can only be entered once Link has been inducted into the Witch-Hunting Brigade by Sir Combsly.[2] The lobby has a red carpeted entrance and a shiny, reflective floor. In the center are three colored diamonds, indicating where each of the three Links should appear. As its name suggests, the Multiplayer Lobby is where Link can put out a call, via the Match Master, to join forces with other heroes connected to the Internet. Whenever one is found, the room fades to black and then reappears with the newly-arrived Link also present. When all three Links have gathered, the Triforce Gateway automatically activates.

Upon first entering the Lobby, the Match Master assesses Link's readiness to venture into the Drablands, and explains the function of the Triforce Gateway, which lays ahead in an elevated alcove. In the Lobby's northwest corner, Mr. Tudor is available to pass on his knowledge of heroism (gameplay tips and mechanics), and several books on a shelf can be viewed, including Volumes 0 and 1 of the Drablands Diary. In the northeast corner, Link view the Drablands Challenge completion list on the wall, or speak to Madame Couture's Apprentice in order to the view Catalog or the Material List.

Any Links who have joined the group via Download Play are restricted to the Multiplayer Lobby when not venturing into the Drablands. They can places orders for up to two new Outfits with Madame Couture's Apprentice.


  • Dashing into any wall in the Multiplayer Lobby carries a chance for the Lucky Lobby Ball to fall from the ceiling. This chance is greatly increased while waiting for other Link(s) to join the group.
  • The orchestral music heard inside Hytopia Castle grows in instrumentation as more Links gather in the Multiplayer Lobby. When the second Link arrives, a harpsichord is added to the music; when the third Link arrives, castanets are added.
  • The Jars on each of the two pedestals in the south corners will always produce a Blue Rupee when they are smashed.


Names in Other Regions
マルチプレイロビー (Maruchipurei Robī)[4]Multiplayer Lobby
The French Republic
Hall multijoueur[6] 
Hall multijoueur 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Anticamera più giocatori[3] 
The Republic of Korea
멀티 플레이 로비 (Meolti Peullei Lobi)[7]Multiplayer Lobby
Latin America
Sala multijugador[8] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Sala multijugador 
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