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Muzu is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][name references needed]


Breath of the Wild

Muzu is one of the elders on the Zora council. He was also in charge of teaching Mipha, which lead to him being close to her.[5] Even before the Great Calamity, he harbored a disdain for Hylians.[6] Afterwards, his hatred grew, as he felt that they were responsible for the devastation caused by the Great Calamity and Mipha's death.[7]

When Divine Beast Vah Ruta began its rampage, the Zora came to the decision that they would need the help of a Hylian to shoot Shock Arrows at it.[8] To further this goal, Muzu was placed in charge of procuring Shock Arrows.[9]

When Link first enters the Throne Room of Zora's Domain, Muzu will watch him. He is silent until King Dorephan asks for Link's help in calming Divine Beast Vah Ruta,[10] citing disgust at the thought of receiving assistance from a Hylian.[11] Both King Dorephan and Sidon admonish him, with Sidon reminding Muzu that they already came to the conclusion that their only choice was to seek the aid of a Hylian.[12][8] In anger, Muzu reminds King Dorephan how the Hylians misused the Sheikah's Ancient Technology and caused the death of Mipha.[7]

Muzu once again protests when King Dorephan gifts the Zora Armor to Link.[13] He argues that it is too important to give to a Hylian, since it is tradition for Zora princesses to present this Armor to those they are engaged to.[14] Though Link is a Champion, Muzu believes that he did not have a romantic relationship with Mipha.[15] In frustration, Muzu storms out of the Throne Room, still unable to understand King Dorephan's reasoning.[16] With Muzu gone, King Dorephan is unsure how they should proceed, since he was in charge of gathering the Shock Arrows for their plan.[9] Sidon decides to resolve their issues with Muzu, running after him to the Zora's Domain Square.[17] King Dorephan asks Link to join them, as he believes he may be able to assist Sidon.[18] After this encounter, the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest will begin.

Sidon and Muzu can be found arguing in front of Mipha's Statue in the Zora's Domain Square.[19][20] When Link approaches, Muzu remarks that he came for nothing, as he does not wish to speak with him.[21] Sidon then explains to Muzu that Link was the one who Mipha was in love with.[22] However, Muzu vehemently resists the notion, stating that Mipha could not have fallen in love with a Hylian.[23] He states that his position is clear, since Link does not remember Mipha even when looking at her Statue.[24] His words cause Link to look up at Mipha's Statue, which unlocks the "Mipha's Touch" Recovered Memory.

After the Recovered Memory, Muzu notices that Link is shaking and asks what is wrong.[25] When Link claims to remember Mipha, Muzu refuses to believe him, noting how convenient his timing is.[26] He demands that Link show him proof of his relationship with Mipha, promising to share the location of the Shock Arrows if he is able to do so.[27] When Link equips the Zora Armor, Sidon will tell Muzu to look at what he is wearing.[28] Upon seeing that the Zora Armor fits him perfectly, Muzu is initially confused.[29] Sidon explains that the fact that it fits Link is proof that it was intended for him.[30] He claims that the reason Mipha never told him was due to his hatred of Hylians.[6]

Muzu is shocked that Mipha would have feelings for Link.[31] He takes a moment to silently gaze up at Mipha's Statue.[32] Though he dislikes it, he recognizes that their only choice is to accept Link's help in saving Zora's Domain.[33] As such, he decides to tell Link where he can find Shock Arrows.[34] He points towards Ploymus Mountain, explaining that on Shatterback Point, there is a Monster that shoots Shock Arrows.[35] Sidon realizes that he is referring to the Lynel, claiming that it would be a quick way to gather Shock Arrows.[36] Muzu estimates that Link will need at least 20 Shock Arrows in order to face Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[37]

If Link speaks to Muzu again, he repeats that the Shock Arrows can be obtained from the territory of the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain.[38] However, he warns Link that if he goes there, he cannot guarantee his survival.[39]

When Link returns to the Throne Room after appeasing Divine Beast Vah Ruta, the residents of Zora's Domain gather to show their appreciation. During this time, Muzu apologizes for his behavior and acknowledges Link's noble intentions, claiming that all of the Zora are grateful for his help.[40] He concedes that the older generation of Zora misunderstood Hylians.[41] Muzu hopes that Link will be able to forgive him one day.[42]

After "Divine Beast Vah Ruta has been completed, Muzu can be found on the northern bridge from Zora's Domain. He again claims that he misunderstood Hylians, as even without fins and gills, Link was able to stop Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[43] He states that he should have expected such from the one who Mipha loved, congratulating him for his work.[44] Muzu wishes that Link will find it in his heart to forgive him.[45]

During the "EX Champion Mipha's Song" Main Quest, which is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, Muzu and Tottika appear on a cliff in the Akkala Highlands, overlooking the gap between Ankel Island and Tingel Island. When Link speaks to him, Muzu reveals that they have been sent to watch over the site of one of Mipha's Trials, as the signs from when she first attempted them have now returned.[46] He recounts a note that Mipha kept, which states that the path to the Trial is revealed as the sun rises.[47] Mipha would also repeat these words about her Trial.[48]

Once Link causes Kee Dafunia Shrine to rise from the Lanayru Sea, Muzu will be impressed that Link was able to figure out Mipha's riddle.[49] He believes that this must have been the reason that Mipha fell in love with Link.[50] Now that the Trial has been completed, Muzu orders Tottika to prepare for their trip back to Zora's Domain.[51]

After "EX Champion Mipha's Song" has been completed, Muzu will be commend Link for overcoming the same Trial that Mipha did.[52] He understands how Link was able to win Mipha's affection, and he states that he is impressed.[53]

Tears of the Kingdom



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