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The Old Wayfarer is a character in Phantom Hourglass.[2]


The Old Wayfarer is an old man who resides in a small house at Bannan Island. He is the writer of the "Wayfarer's Words" found on Molida Island, which tells of his adventures to the Isle of Gust.[3][4][5][6] The Old Wayfarer has a wife and a son named Romanos, who both live on Molida Island. However, he had left his family the year before to explore uncharted islands.[7] This angered his son Romanos, which is why he refuses to work.[8] Romanos expresses annoyance towards his father's lust for adventure, and will snap at Link if he asks about the Isle of Gust.[9] Inside his true hideaway, the Old Wayfarer left a message inside his journal for Romanos.[10] He apologizes for how he treated his family,[11] and explains that he has dedicated his life to learning more about the Ghost Ship and its victim's fates.[12] He tells Romanos to care for his mother if he does not return, and asks for his son's forgiveness.[13] The Old Wayfarer can be found inside the S.S. Wayfarer during the game's trading sequence, where he gives Link the Swordsman's Scroll in exchange for a Wood Heart.[14]

The Old Wayfarer seems to have an obsession with mermaids.[15] Link can lead Joanne, a fake mermaid,[16] to the Old Wayfarer, and will be given the Fishing Rod.[17][18] The Old Wayfarer originally had the Fishing Rod to catch a mermaid, but he gives it to Link now that he no longer needs it.[19]


Names in Other Regions
マーメイド・ハンター (Māmeido Hantā)[21]Mermaid Hunter
Vieux Voyageur[25]Old Traveler
The French Republic
Vieil aventurier[23]Old adventurer
The Federal Republic of Germany
Alten Romantikers[22]Old Romantic
The Italian Republic
Latin America
Viejo Aventurero[24]Old Adventurer
The Kingdom of Spain
Viejo trotamundos[26]Old globetrotter
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