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Ore Chunks are Items in Oracle of Seasons.[1] They are the Currency of Subrosia.

Location and Uses

Ore Chunks are obtained at random by digging up ground anywhere in Subrosia. Some areas are richer in Ore Chunks than others.[which?][verification needed][2] Subrosians can sense nearby Ore Chunks.[3] The Green Joy Ring and Gold Joy Ring double the value of found Ore Chunks.

As with Rupees, there are different colors of Ore Chunk which have different values.

Types of Ore Chunk
Ore Chunk Value
OoS Ore Chunk Blue Sprite.png 1
OoS Ore Chunk Red Sprite.png 10
OoS Ore Chunk Gold Sprite.png 50

Link can use Ore Chunks to purchase items at the Subrosia Market. After having told the Unlucky Sailor the Pirate Secret, the Piratian will upgrade Link's Bomb Bag if he sees exactly 777 Ore Chunks in his Item Screen (Link gets to keep the Ore Chunks too).[4]


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The Italian Republic
Pezzi di Pepita[5]Pieces of Nugget
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