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Outskirt Stable is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW | TotK | HWAoC)[1][2][3]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

Outskirt Stable is a Stable located at the northern fork of the Three-Way Intersection, which is in southwestern Hyrule Field. It is operated by Embry and employs Canni, Haite, Myti, Toffa and Trott, all of whom live there and have to follow a predominantly vegetarian diet.[4] Inside the Stable, Link can find a poster depicting a Recipe for an Energizing Honey Crepe, as well as the Rumor Mill: Volume 3 laying open on a table.

The exterior of Outskirt Stable is surrounded by several Tree Stumps, and a Cooking Pot can be found near the entrance. Myti sits by the Pot during the day, where she explains that the Stable does not serve Food, though travelers are free to Cook for themselves.[5] Canni can be seen tending to Horses, and she is one of the four Stable hands who will offer to customize Link's Horse Gear,[6] provided it has a sufficiently high enough bond and is not too big. Beedle will regularly visit the Stable and the watchman and traveling salesman, Botrick will also stop by. Glendo, a Hylian traveler, will occasionally be seen passing by. Haite runs around the Stable during the day.[7] When it Rains, he sits at one of the Stable doors and waits for the Rain to stop.[8] During the "Captured Memories" Main Quest, Pikango appears at Outskirt Stable, where he is able to identify the scene in the 10th Picture of Link's Album as the Sanidin Park Ruins.[9]

When staying at Outskirt Stable, Link can choose to rest in either a regular Bed for 20 Rupees or a soft Bed for 40 Rupees.[10] Embry explains that the soft Bed leaves its users feeling more energized when they wake up.[11] If Link decides to stay at the Stable, Embry offers to wake him up in the morning, at noon, or in the evening.[12] Once Link makes his choice, Embry will send him off to sleep.[13][14] When Link wakes up, Embry will greet him.[15][16][17] By sleeping in the soft Bed}, Link will receive a bonus Heart when he wakes up.

During the "A Rare Find" Side Quest, Link is tasked with retrieving Raw Gourmet Meat for Trott, who is unable to gain enough energy from Outskirt Stable's vegetarian meals.[4] Once Link brings a him a piece of Raw Gourmet Meat, Trott will reward him with a Silver Rupee.[18][19] Following this Side Quest, Link can sell up to three pieces of Raw Gourmet Meat to Trott per day.[20][21]

Link can also obtain "The Royal White Stallion" Side Quest at Outskirt Stable by speaking to Toffa, who shares his wish to see the White Horse that he has heard about.[22] When Link tames the White Horse and brings it to Toffa, he will reward him with the Royal Horse Gear, which consists of the Royal Bridle and the Royal Saddle.[23]

Lastly, Link can start the "My Hero" Side Quest by speaking to Aliza while she stands under the large Tree across the road from Outskirt Stable. Though she initially believes that Link is the legendary hero,[24] she decides that she was wrong when she notices he is not carrying the Master Sword.[25][26] When Link returns to Aliza after reclaiming the Master Sword, she will give him a Star Fragment that she wanted to give him.[27] However, she is disappointed that Link is not her type.[28]

A Yiga Footsoldier may pass by the Outskirt Stable disguised as a Traveler. When Link speaks to the Traveler, they will reveal their identity as a Footsoldier and begin to attack him.

If Link befriends the Hylian Retriever at Outskirt Stable, it will lead him to a metal Treasure Chest embedded in the ground among the Tree Stumps, which contains a Silver Rupee.[29]




Tears of the Kingdom

Related Quests

Outskirt Stable returns in Tears of the Kingdom. Kaysa's Great Fairy Fountain is now located on Outskirt Hill above the Stable.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Names in Other Regions
平原外れの馬宿 (Hirahira Hazure no Umayado)Plains Outskirt Stable
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Grensstal[31]Border Stable
The Russian Federation
Конюшня «Окольная» (Konyushnya «Okol'naya») 
Latin America
Rancho de la llanura[30]Plain Ranch
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