Palace of Twilight (Hyrule Warriors)

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This article is about the Stage in Hyrule Warriors, for the dungeon in Twilight Princess, see Palace of Twilight.

Palace of Twilight

Era Era of Twilight
Main Theme Music
North PalaceKing's HallUpper Level EastWest PalaceLower Level EastWest SquareCentral SquareFairy FountainSouthwest SquareSoutheast Square

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Palace of Twilight is a Stage in Hyrule Warriors.[name references needed] It contains the Legend Mode Scenarios "The Shadow King", "The Usurper King", and "Her True Self".


The Palace of Twilight's layout takes many cues from the original dungeon in Twilight Princess, particularly in the exterior areas being partially divided into three vertical sections. In addition to including the outer portions of the palace and a heavily condensed version of the inner portions (most notably the King's Room Keep), the Palace's Hyrule Warriors incarnation adds a Fairy Fountain Keep in the southeastern region of the map.


The Shadow King

Main article: The Shadow King

After Midna and Agitha joined the Hyrulean Forces following the battle in Twilight Field in "Land of Twilight", the Hyrulean Forces continue their search for the Era of Twilight's Gate of Souls. With the help of Agitha's Goddess Butterfly, they are eventually led to the Palace of Twilight, where the Gate of Souls lies hidden deep within the Palace walls. Zant however, who seized the palace and sided with Cia, prepared for their arrival with his army to prevent them from their task. Lana and Midna take charge as they enter and infiltrate the palace grounds.

The Usurper King

Main article: The Usurper King

With her victory in the battle at the Valley of Seers in "The Sorceress of the Valley", Cia had captured most of Hyrule and had claimed possession of the complete Triforce. Intoxicated by its power, she fell further under Ganondorf's influence. She opened the Gate of Souls by his urging, and with it created portals to three other Eras in Hyrule's history. From one of the portals, Cia began to sense a great power in the Era of Twilight. Intrigued, she set off to see whether it was be an ally that could be controlled, or an enemy to destroy. She traced its source to the Palace of Twilight, where Zant and Midna were both fighting.

Her True Self

Main article: Her True Self

After Link has acquired the Master Sword from the Temple of the Sacred Sword and prepares for the upcoming war with Cia with his allies, Zelda senses an ominous dark magic with an unknown source coming from the Palace of Twilight. She set out on her own to deal with it, encountering Midna, who discovered Zelda's disappearance and rushed to find her at the Palace. Along the way, Midna had encountered Linkle who was transfixed on a Shadow Crystal she found, which mesmerized Midna. Upon touching it, Midna regains her form as Twili Midna. Speechless at the sight of Twili Midna, Linkle joined her rescue mission to save Zelda from the Palace of Twilight's dark magic.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Map


Names in Other Regions
影の宮殿 (Kage no Kyūden) (HW) 
The French Republic
Palais du Crépuscule (HWDE)Palace of Twilight
Palais du Crépuscule (HWDE)Palace of Twilight
The Federal Republic of Germany
Schattenpalast (HWDE)[1]Shadow Palace
The Italian Republic
Palazzo del crepuscolo (HWDE)Twilight palace
Latin America
Palacio del Crepúsculo (HWDE)Twilight Palace
The Kingdom of Spain
Palacio del Crepúsculo (HWDE)Twilight Palace
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