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The Picto Box,(TWW)[2] also known as the Pictograph Box,(MM)[2] is a recurring Item in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the Pictograph Box is a sepia-toned camera which Link obtains from the Swamp Tourist Center after rescuing Koume from the Woods of Mystery. It can hold only one pictograph at a time.[3]

The Swamp Tourist Center runs a Pictograph Contest while the swamp is poisoned. If Link submits a standard pictograph from inside the swamp, Link can choose between a free boat tour or 5 Rupees; if he submits a pictograph of a Big Octo, he can choose between a free boat tour or 20 Rupees; if he submits a pictograph of Tingle (the Swamp Tourist Center Guide's son) or the Deku King, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

The Fisherman of Great Bay requests Link a pictograph of a Gerudo Pirate in exchange for the Seahorse that he captured near Pinnacle Rock. In Zora Hall, a Zora requests a pictograph of Lulu; if Link gives him a picture including her face, he will give him 20 Rupees.

In Majora's Mask 3D, the Pictograph Box now takes pictographs in full color, as well as in 3D if the feature is enabled on the Nintendo 3DS.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Picto Box is found inside a Treasure Chest hidden in the crawlspace maze inside Windfall Island's Jail Maze. It allows Link to take and store up to three black and white Pictographs at a time. While in use, the Control Stick aims the viewfinder, while zooming in and out is performed with the C-Stick, similarly to the Telescope. All gameplay and character movement continues as normal while looking through the Picto Box, though it temporarily pauses after taking a Pictograph to allow the player to keep or discard the image. Pressing the R button switches to viewing the stored Pictographs or selecting them for deletion.

In The Wind Waker HD, the storage is increased to twelve Pictographs, and the controls are switched so that the R-Stick aims the viewfinder and the L-Stick zooms in and out. The Picto Box also has a new feature which enables Link to take "selfie" Pictographs by pressing the X button; he can then make any of eleven different facial expressions by moving the L-Stick and optionally holding the ZL button. When viewing the stored Pictographs, any that are suitable for making a Figurine are marked with a golden Carlov icon.

Expression Buttons Expression Buttons
L Stick (Neutral) ZL Button + L Stick (Neutral)
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
Push L Stick (ZL Button optional)

Prior to the closure of Miiverse in 2017, Link could send Pictographs to the service via Tingle Bottle, to be distributed to other players. Pictographs found inside Tingle Bottles can be saved in the Picto Box for later use in the Nintendo Gallery. The Deluxe Picto Box is not required to save color Pictographs from Tingle Bottles.

Deluxe Picto Box

Main article: Deluxe Picto Box

The Deluxe Picto Box is an upgraded version of the original Picto Box which allows Link to take Pictographs in full color. It is obtained by completing the Lenzo's Research Assistant, after which Link must catch a Forest Firefly from Forest Haven and present it to Lenzo.

In The Wind Waker HD, catching a Forest Firefly is no longer required to upgrade to the Deluxe Picto Box.


Names in Other Regions
写し絵の箱 (Utsushie no Hako) (MM | TWWHD)[7][8]Magic-lantern Picture Box
Boîte à Images (TWWHD)[12]Picture Box
The French Republic
Boîte à Images (TWWHD)[10]Picture Box
The Federal Republic of Germany
Foto-Box (TWWHD)[9] 
The Italian Republic
Immaginografo (MM | MM3D | TWW)[4][5][6]Picture-graph
Latin America
Caja luminográfica (TWWHD)[11] 
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Cámara Pictográfica (MM)[13]
  • Caja luminográfica (TWWHD)[14]
  • Pictographic Camera
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