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Piyoko is a small chick that hatched on Link's grandparents farm. She accompanies Link during his quest through the land of Holodrum. After the Temple of Seasons sinks, Link has the sudden ability to understand when creatures and plants are speaking. As it turns out, Piyoko is rather bold and outspoken. She helps Link through several trials, and gives him frequent advice, similar to Navi in Ocarina of Time.

In an effort to save Link during his battle with Onox, Piyoko attacks the Dark General, and is quickly struck down. It appears as though she dies, but in the end it is revealed that she turned into a full-grown chicken, although Link has lost his ability to speak with her.


The first part of Piyoko's name, Piy-, is a variation of the Latin name Pius, [1] which means "pious" and "dutiful". [2]


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