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Pothole Field is a field full of Grass and holes in Link's Awakening.[1]


Pothole Field is located behind Richard's Villa on Koholint Island. When Link cuts the Grass in Pothole Field, some of them reveal holes. Link has to work his way around these holes to find an Owl Statue that he can dig in front of to obtain the Slime Key. The best way to tell if they have holes in them is to use the Power Bracelets. If Link cannot pull them up, even with the L-2 bracelet, then they conceal holes. Link gains access to Pothole Field by going to Kanalet Castle and retrieving Prince Richard's five Golden Leaves.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
坑洞田 (Kēngdòng tián) (LANS)[3] 
Champ des pièges (LANS)Field of traps
The French Republic
Champ des pièges (LANS)[2]Field of traps
The Federal Republic of Germany
Schicksalsacker (LANS)Fate's Acre
The Italian Republic
Campo di buche (LANS) 
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    "Ask me anything about the island! If you get lost, give me a call!"
    'There's a man named Richard who lives in Pothole Field, southeast of the village. Why not pay him a visit? That's all I can tell you for now! Bye! CLICK!'
    " — Old Man Ulrira (Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch)
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