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Pumpkin Head is the Boss of Spirit's Grave in Oracle of Ages.[3]


Pumpkin Head has an invulnerable jack-o'-lantern as a head and will pace around the room aimlessly, shooting groups of three fireballs when Link crosses his path. Link must attack Pumpkin Head's torso and legs with his Sword. This eventually causes his body to disappear, leaving only the jack-o'-lantern on the ground. Link can then pick up the head using his Power Bracelet and toss it aside to reveal a small spirit, which can be momentarily damaged with the Sword before it dashes back into the head, regenerating Pumpkin Head's body. After several more hits to the exposed spirit, Pumpkin Head will be defeated, leaving behind a Heart Container and opening the door to the Eternal Spirit.


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Testa di Zucca[4]Same as English.
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