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Pumpkin Pull is a Mini-Game in Skyward Sword.[1]

Location and Rules

In order for this minigame to become accessible, Link will need to have aided Fledge to become stronger by giving him a Stamina Potion during his training sessions earlier on in the game. Eventually, Fledge will stand in front of the Sparring Hall, and offers Link the ability to play Pumpkin Pull for 20 Rupees.[2]

Link is given a time limit of 90 seconds, in which Fledge will continually throw pumpkins in an arc, which Link must shoot using his Bow and Arrows. The first pumpkin Link successfully destroys is worth 10 points, with consecutive pumpkins then being worth 20, 30, 40 and finally 50 points each. If a pumpkin appears to be sparkling, it will be worth double the points it is otherwise worth. A pumpkin cannot be destroyed while Fledge is holding it.

If Link manages to score between 100 and 390 points, he will be given 50 Rupees that Fledge earned while working for "the old lady in the dining hall". If Link achieves between 400 and 590 points, he will be given a random rare treasure, such as an Ancient Flower or a Golden Skull. If Link scores 600 points or more, Fledge will give Link his "sign of friendship", that being a Piece of Heart.


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