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The Queen of Hyrule is a recurring character mentioned in The Legend of Zelda series.[4] The Queen of Hyrule goes unnamed in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Breath of the Wild

The Queen of Hyrule ruled over Hyrule Kingdom alongside her husband, King Rhoam. Together, they had a daughter, who they named Zelda in accordance with the naming traditions of the Royal Family of Hyrule.[5] She was said to be naturally drawn to her sacred powers, which she described as overflowing.[6]

During her life, the Queen of Hyrule was a good friend to Urbosa, the chief of the Gerudo.[4] After Zelda was born, the Queen brought her to Gerudo Town so she could meet Urbosa.[7] Though Urbosa said that Zelda would grow up to be a beautiful queen like her mother, the Queen instead wished that she would find happiness in her life.[8]

As she grew up, Zelda had a warm and loving relationship with the Queen of Hyrule. She told Zelda about her sealing power, which she claimed would one day develop within her.[3] She also encouraged her daughter, saying that she could do anything and that all would end well.[9] The Queen affectionately referred to her daughter as her "little bird."[10]

10 years before the second Great Calamity, the Queen of Hyrule suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.[1][11][12] She was unable to teach Zelda about her sacred powers before her untimely demise.[13][14] Her death meant that King Rhoam was left alone to prepare Zelda for the resurrection of Calamity Ganon.[15]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The Queen of Hyrule is mentioned in the "Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief" Narration as the reason Urbosa and Zelda already know each other.[16] In the Movie "Determination, Zelda shows an ancient relic to King Rhoam, claiming that she found it while exploring with the Queen of Hyrule and that the two discussed its properties with one another.[17] The Queen also makes a brief appearance in a flashback during the "Lullaby" Movie, which plays during "The Future of Hyrule" Scenario. After repairing Terrako, a young Zelda hurries to show the Queen, but the memory ends before her face can be seen.[18] Her dress appears similar to the one Zelda wears during formal occasions.

During the "EX The Princess and the King" Scenario, which is exclusive to the Guardian of Remembrance Downloadable Content Pack, King Rhoam recalls his treatment of Zelda after her mother's passing, fearing what the Queen would think of him.[19] During "The Aftermath of Survival" Movie, which plays after the Scenario has been completed, Urbosa claims that Zelda may be stronger than the Queen was.[20]


  • Creating a Champion speculates that the Queen of Hyrule could have been the Fortune Teller that predicted the resurrection of Calamity Ganon, as women of the Royal Family of Hyrule are known to have premonitions of the future.[21]


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