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Quests are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]


Breath of the Wild

Throughout Breath of the Wild, Link can obtain three types of Quests by exploring and interacting with characters. These are Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests. Progress on all three types of Quests is tracked through the Adventure Log.

Tears of the Kingdom

Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests all return in Tears of the Kingdom. Alongside these, a new type of Quest known as Side Adventures can be found as well. There are also Additional Adventures, which are multi-step Quests that are not tracked in the Adventure Log.[4]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Quests serve as the way to increase the effectiveness of a Warrior, replacing the Bazaar's Badge Market found in the original Hyrule Warriors games. By using Materials, Link and the other Warriors will gain attributes such has extensions of their Light Combo, a new Strong Combo, Hearts, and more Special Attack bars. In addition, some Quests grant pieces of Attire for Link to wear.

To unlock more Quests, Warriors must progress through the Story, complete certain Challenges, or finish other Quests. There are 376 Quests in total in the base game.

Quests are split by the following within the Quest tab:

  • Character-specific Quests, which benefit only one Warrior. These Quests are marked with the heads of the characters as depicted by the narration cutscenes, and are all found under their Warrior's name under the Quest search tab (e.g., all the Side Quests that benefit solely Link will be found under the tab "Link", and so on & so forth).
  • Improve All Allies Quests, which as the name implies, benefits all Warriors. These Quests are marked with a heart icon.
  • Sheikah Runes Quests, which lowers the cooldown of used Sheikah Rune abilities. They are individually marked with their specified rune (e.g. the Quest "Explosive Endeavours" is marked with the Remote Bomb logo).
  • Divine Beasts Quests, which improve the vitality and functions of the Divine Beasts. They are individually marked with the specified Divine Beast.
  • Unlock Services Quests, which open up Shops and Stables to shop for certain Materials if the need arises, as well as other vital specialized services. Shops have a Jar marker, and Stables have a horse head marker. The specialized services are:
    • the Hylian Blacksmith Guild, marked with a hammer, helps Warriors by tinkering with weapons to make them stronger.
    • the Military Training Camp, marked with a helmet, help lagging behind Warriors catch up with the currently highest leveled Warrior.
    • and the Kochi Dye Shop, marked with a vial, changes the color of Link's clothes, with the Rupees depending on the dye.
  • Improve Services Quests, which gives Link and co. discounts, as well as more services with the Blacksmith Guild, and additional dye options for the Dye Shop. These are marked with a building & an up arrow.
  • Material Quests, giving Link more Materials, as well as monster-themed hats. They are marked with either monster icons or leaf icons. The latter can be completed multiple times as long as the player has the materials needed to make the trade
  • Cooking Quests, allowing Link to come up with new recipes to use foodstuff Materials to make Food, giving bonus effects to Warriors in battle such as increased movement speed, a bigger window to initiate a Perfect Dodge, elemental damage reduction, etc. They are marked with a Cooking Pot.
  • Battle Support Quests, which increase the carrying capacities of Apples and Weapons, as well as allowing Korok Seeds and Treasure Chests to be viewed in the Battle Info tab. Aside for "The Treasure Detector" which is marked with a treasure chest icon, all Battle Support Quests have their marker be Hestu's Maracas.
  • Sheikah Sensor Quests, which help Link and co. use the Sensor to help find specific Materials in either combat missions or Shops/Stables if they are too few for a specific Quest. Like the Runes Quests, these quests are marked with the Sensor icon.
  • And finally, Contribution Level Quests, which are region-specific quests that keep track of the completion rate of the Quests of that region of Hyrule, and are thus completed when all Quests in a specific region are completed. They are marked with a star icon.

Pulse of the Ancients

With the first wave of DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, 54 additional Quests have been added into the game, 35 of which can be found within the new facility, EX Royal Ancient Lab, marked on the map with a Ancient Screw with an “EX” next to it. These Quests are largely meant to help the lab grow and prosper.

The Lab's Quests are arranged in a grid and similarly work like how the Badge system from the first Hyrule Warriors games worked; completing one Quest can unlock the others that connect to it as long as the player has the Materials or the Rupees for it. The Quest icons also retain the previously established rules with what they entail.

Quests from the Labs grant access to rewards not found in the base game, as well as the newly added Materials needed to complete them. Additionally completing them grants access to the Flail for Link, the Battle-Tested Guardian, and the Master Cycle Zero for Zelda.

List of Quests

List of Link Quests
Quest Region
Hyrule Swordfighting Academy Central Hyrule
Keeping the Village Peace Central Hyrule
Study the Blade Central Hyrule
The Blade that Pierces the Eye Central Hyrule
Heartfelt Thanks Central Hyrule
Making a Monster Necluda
The Hateno Defense Squad Necluda
The Volunteer Army Necluda
The Treasure Hunter's Technique Gerudo
Refuel Motivation Necluda
A Spear-ited Combatant Necluda
Teach a Hylian to Fish Necluda
Mount Taran's Solitary Masters Faron
Training Ground Pest Problem Necluda
Training Ground Upgrade Necluda
Proof of Sword Mastery Gerudo
Full Bellies Fight Better Necluda
A Strike to Pierce Stone Necluda
A Well-Tended Goddess Necluda
A Flower-Adorned Goddess Hebra
A Moss-Covered Goddess Faron
A Frozen-Solid Goddess Lanayru
Frog Side Effects Central Hyrule
The Knight's Gauntlet Central Hyrule
EX Seeking Wooden Swords(PotA) Central Hyrule
EX The Squad's Training Retreat(PotA) Necluda
EX A Spear Experiment(PotA) Necluda
EX The Copy Tournament(PotA) Central Hyrule
EX Secret Plans(PotA) Central Hyrule
EX Reunion with the Swordmaster(PotA) Gerudo
EX The Text of Tomorrow(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Hasty Recovery(GoR) Necluda
EX Spear Master(GoR) Necluda
List of Impa Quests
Quest Region
Traps for Kakariko Village Necluda
To Bring a Village Together Necluda
Village Training Secrets Necluda
Just the Right Light Necluda
The Kakariko Village Dojo Necluda
Opening the Mind's Eye Central Hyrule
Kakariko's Best Babysitter Necluda
The Lights of Home Hebra
The Great Cucco Escape Necluda
The Mission of the Sheikah Central Hyrule
Helping Out at Hateno Pasture Necluda
Plum Tuckered Out Necluda
EX Hard Defenses(GoR) Necluda
List of Zelda Quests
Quest Region
The Frontiers of Knowledge Central Hyrule
Preparing for Field Work Central Hyrule
Soothing Tensions Central Hyrule
Research Funding Central Hyrule
King Dorephan's Defenses Lanayru
Bolstering Goron City Eldin
Joint Training with the Rito Hebra
Joint Training with the Gerudo Gerudo
A Modest Celebration Central Hyrule
An Otherworldly Guardian Central Hyrule
Giving Peace of Mind Lanayru
A Princess in Distress Central Hyrule
A Buffet of Delicacies Central Hyrule
In Case of Emergency... Central Hyrule
Research Materials Central Hyrule
Living Things of Hyrule Central Hyrule
Eternal Blooms Central Hyrule
EX Stamina Woes(PotA) Necluda
EX Break the Obstacles(PotA) Eldin
EX Horsemanship and Horsepower(PotA) Central Hyrule
EX Snow Business(PotA) Hebra
EX Safe Roads, Safe Rides(PotA) Faron
EX Ride Across Hyrule!(PotA) Akkala
EX A Giant Leap(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Awkward Allies(GoR) Gerudo
List of Mipha Quests
Quest Region
Bounding Across the Waves Lanayru
Climbing the Waterfall Lanayru
The Zora Who Wouldn't Swim Lanayru
Diving Safety Lanayru
Diving as Battle Training Lanayru
Armor that Shines Like a Jewel Lanayru
A Fruitful Offering Lanayru
Lauding a Champion Lanayru
Feeding the Laborers Lanayru
Imported Goods Lanayru
To the Zora Voe and Vai Lanayru
Armor for Whom? Lanayru
EX A Royal Gift for Mipha(GoR) Lanayru
EX Keeping a Promise(GoR) Eldin
List of Daruk Quests
Quest Region
A Battle against the Heat Eldin
Playing with Fire Eldin
Playing Cucco Eldin
These Muscles of Mine(rs) Eldin
To Stand atop the Lava Eldin
A Perfectly Honed Body Eldin
A Goron-Style Massage Eldin
An Irresistible Aroma Eldin
The Creative Fires Eldin
Fine Goron Dining Eldin
Gut-Check Challenge Eldin
Enduring Death Mountain Eldin
EX A Royal Gift for Daruk(GoR) Eldin
EX Survive the Training(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of Revali Quests
Quest Region
Upgrading the Flight Range Hebra
Learning to Become the Wind Hebra
A Fly-by-Night Operation Hebra
The Rito Flying Tournament Hebra
A Wish for a Fishy Dish Hebra
The Poem-Parsing Traveler Hebra
Soured Honeymoon Hebra
Beyond the Wall of Thunder Central Hyrule
The Lodge at Hebra Trailhead Hebra
An Offering to the Rito Goddess Hebra
Across Tanagar Canyon Hebra
Flight Across Hyrule Hebra
EX A Royal Gift for Revali(GoR) Hebra
EX The Art of Flight(GoR) Hebra
List of Urbosa Quests
Quest Region
Urbosa's Desert Training Gerudo
Conducive to Conducting Gerudo
Duel on Ploymus Mountain Lanayru
Shocking Design Choices Faron
Stealth Mission Central Hyrule
The Tyrant of the Sand Sea Gerudo
Conducting an Experiment Gerudo
Colorful Kara Kara Bazaar Gerudo
A Sweet Desert Garden Gerudo
The Summer Breeze Festival Gerudo
The Spa's New Service Gerudo
Gerudo Nail Artistry Gerudo
EX A Royal Gift for Urbosa(GoR) Gerudo
EX Law of the Gerudo(GoR) Gerudo
List of Hestu Quests
Quest Region
Pinwheel, No-Spinwheel Central Hyrule
Frown-Reversal Magic Central Hyrule
Out of the Woods Central Hyrule
A Leaf on the Breeze Eldin
Think Yourself Clever? Central Hyrule
The Korok Who Cried Monster Gerudo
Otherworldly Objects Central Hyrule
The Mushroom Shop Central Hyrule
Finding Courage Central Hyrule
Helping with Heights Faron
It's Shakala Time Central Hyrule
Party for the Leafy Spirits Central Hyrule
EX Korok Curiosity(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of Sidon Quests
Quest Region
Sidon's Waterfall Workshop Lanayru
Chasing Mipha Lanayru
Scouting the Training Ground Lanayru
For the Future Lanayru
Training at Lulu Lake Lanayru
A Gift from the Sky Lanayru
The Zora Researcher Lanayru
A Thirst for the Desert Lanayru
Lightning-Proof Luncheon Lanayru
All the Heartiest Seafood Faron
Blessing of the Rains Lanayru
Feast or Fiction? Lanayru
EX A Royal Gift for Sidon(GoR) Lanayru
EX Unstoppable Sidon(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of Yunobo Quests
Quest Region
Goron Rations Eldin
To Eat a Stone Pebblit? Eldin
A Crucible of Endurance Gerudo
What Do Guardians Taste Like? Eldin
Not a Light Meal Eldin
Eating a Varied Diet Eldin
The Rock-Hard Grill Eldin
Defend the Goron Hot Springs Eldin
A Goron Wrestling Tournament Eldin
The Rock Hurler Eldin
Daruk's Boot Camp Eldin
Fighting Fire With... Eldin
EX A Royal Gift for Yunobo(GoR) Eldin
EX Goron-Sized Appetites(GoR) Eldin
List of Teba Quests
Quest Region
The White Bird of Talonto Peak Hebra
Flight Training at Lake Totori Hebra
The Strongest String Hebra
At All Hours Hebra
Rito Rations Hebra
Remodeling the Flight Range Hebra
Truffle Hunting in the Forest Hebra
Faster and Farther Than Anyone Hebra
A Surprise Reward Hebra
Cultivating Warm Safflina Hebra
Teba's Training Retreat Hebra
Flight-Range Field Trip Hebra
EX A Royal Gift for Teba(GoR) Hebra
EX Aim True at the Calamity(GoR) Hebra
List of Riju Quests
Quest Region
The Missing Sand Seals Gerudo
Quality Time with Patricia Gerudo
The Sapphire Seal Pageant Gerudo
Fruitful Advice Gerudo
Seal the Deal Gerudo
Treats for Patricia Gerudo
"Voe and You" Is in Session Gerudo
Rebuilding Lipstique Gerudo
My Beloved Yellow Gerudo
The Wonders of Chuchu Jelly Gerudo
Surviving the Gerudo Highlands Gerudo
Surveying the Desert Ruins Gerudo
EX A Royal Gift for Riju(GoR) Gerudo
EX Sand-Seal Bonding(GoR) Gerudo
List of Master Khoga Quests
Quest Region
Spicy Asceticism Gerudo
Chilly Asceticism Gerudo
Hoppy Asceticism Gerudo
Hungry Asceticism Gerudo
Big Moves to Boost Morale Gerudo
No Matter the Cost Gerudo
Market Apeel Gerudo
Bonananza Gerudo
An Unlikely Passion Gerudo
A Thief in Our Midst Gerudo
Veggie Vigor Necluda
From the Ground Up Gerudo
EX Master Kohga's Lightning Training(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of King Rhoam Quests
Quest Region
Woodcutter's Discipline Central Hyrule
Perils of Mount Hylia Central Hyrule
For the Future of Hyrule Necluda
The King's Secret Technique Central Hyrule
A Flower Fit for a King Central Hyrule
A King Serves His People Central Hyrule
Scars of the Calamity Central Hyrule
Medicine Is the Best Medicine Central Hyrule
The Royal Treasury Central Hyrule
Parental Support Central Hyrule
Royal Inspection Central Hyrule
Strategic Fortifications Central Hyrule
EX Analysis and Countermeasures(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of Great Fairies Quests
Quest Region
Luminous Earrings Necluda
Glorious Ring Akkala
Stunning Bracelet Hebra
Superb Necklace Gerudo
Shimmering Horseshoe Faron
It's Raining Rupees Necluda
No Stone Unturned Central Hyrule
Encouraging Tourism Necluda
Dusty Desert Road Gerudo
Only the Best Hebra
Lushify the Spring Hebra
Never Enough Fairies Akkala
Offering Help on the Road Gerudo
EX The Dazzling Crown(GoR) Akkala
List of Monk Maz Koshia Quests
Quest Region
Trial of Dah Hesho Akkala
Trial of Soh Kofi Lanayru
Trial of Ke'nai Shakah Akkala
Trial of Muwo Jeem Necluda
Trial of Tutsuwa Nima Akkala
Trial of Chaas Qeta Necluda
Trial of Pumaag Nitae Faron
Trial of Noya Neha Central Hyrule
Trial of Shoqa Tatone Faron
Trial of Sasa Kai Gerudo
Trial of Goma Asaagh Hebra
Trial of Saas Ko'sah Central Hyrule
The Trial of Monsters Gerudo
The Trial of Stones Faron
The Trial of the Mighty Foe Faron
EX Trial of Kema Kosassa(GoR) Gerudo
List of Terrako Quests
Quest Region
Testing... Testing... One, Two... Necluda
Learning from the Best Central Hyrule
Preserving for Posterity Necluda
Unrelenting Power Central Hyrule
Fragmented Memories Central Hyrule
Terrako, Enlightened Necluda
Terrako, Empowered Necluda
Tough as Nails Necluda
Tougher than Nails Necluda
Slightly Less Tougher than Nails... Necluda
Made with Love Central Hyrule
To Brighten Her Day Central Hyrule
Search Party for Parts Central Hyrule
Gathering the Facts Central Hyrule
The Eye That Sees Far Necluda
Let's Dance Central Hyrule
A Secret in Song Hebra
Right under Our Noses Central Hyrule
No Extreme Too Extreme Central Hyrule
Searching Eventide Island Necluda
Terrako's Return Central Hyrule
EX Relic Lessons(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of Calamity Ganon Quests
Quest Region
Hardhearted Malice Faron
Slumbering Malice Hebra
Beastly Malice Central Hyrule
Otherworldly Malice Central Hyrule
Explosive Life Force Hebra
Nocturnal Life Force Akkala
Teeming Life Force Central Hyrule
Hidden Life Force Faron
Pursuing Ancient Power Akkala
Pursuing Supreme Power Gerudo
EX Violent Obsessions(GoR) Lanayru
List of Battle-Tested Guardian Quests
Quest Region
EX The More the Merrier(PotA) Faron
EX Respect the Elements(PotA) Faron
EX Harder Than a Guardian?(PotA) Faron
EX The Ultimate Guardian Showdown!(PotA) Faron
EX All Enemies Welcome(PotA) Faron
EX Undeniable Proof(PotA) Faron
EX Battle-Tested Research(PotA) Faron
EX Searching for Monster Data(PotA) Faron
EX Curious Materials(PotA) Faron
EX Lessons of the Past(PotA) Faron
EX Regular Maintenance(PotA) Central Hyrule
EX No Detail Too Small(PotA) Central Hyrule
List of Sooga Quests
Quest Region
EX A Shocking Run(GoR) Gerudo
EX Endless Perseverance(GoR) Gerudo
EX Burning Desire(GoR) Gerudo
EX Sooga's Swords(GoR) Gerudo
EX Taking Aim(GoR) Gerudo
EX Secret Wisdom(GoR) Gerudo
EX The Right Hand's Hassle(GoR) Gerudo
EX Unsung Hero(GoR) Gerudo
EX Secret Meetings(GoR) Gerudo
EX Monster Troubles(GoR) Gerudo
EX A Long-Awaited Battle(GoR) Gerudo
EX The Right Hand Strikes Again(GoR) Gerudo
List of Purah & Robbie Quests
Quest Region
EX The Only Option(GoR) Akkala
EX The Relic's Clue(GoR) Faron
EX The Science of Battle(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Food for Thought(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Light as a Feather(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX The Fruits of Ancient-Tech Research(GoR) Lanayru
EX A Century of Memories(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Despicable Distractions(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX A Morsel of Morale(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX All Work and Some Play(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Peak Condition(GoR) Central Hyrule
EX Perfect Harmony(GoR) Central Hyrule
List of Improve all Allies Quests
Quest Region
Inner Power Akkala
Inner Knowing Lanayru
Inner Protection Faron
Roast and Relaxation Eldin
Chilly Path to a Hot Bath Hebra
A Light in the Dark Central Hyrule
The Finest Tailor in the Land Central Hyrule
Time for an Upgrade Central Hyrule
Blessing of the Great Fairies Lanayru
A Read on the Enemy Central Hyrule
Eager Learners in Hateno Village Necluda
Hyrule Institute of Tactics Research Central Hyrule
It Takes Two Central Hyrule
Master Monster Roasts Central Hyrule
Expert Cooking Lesson Faron
The Research of Rods Akkala
Painter's Pilgrimage Central Hyrule
Peace Offering for Hyrule Central Hyrule
The Lonely Goddess Akkala
List of Sheikah Runes Quests
Quest Region
Explosive Endeavors Central Hyrule
Strange and Unusual Monsters Central Hyrule
Shocking Fear Gerudo
Zappy 'n' Bouncy Gerudo
A Stasis on Research Faron
There Must Be Rice Faron
Keep a Cool Head Akkala
Personal Distractions Hebra
List of Divine Beasts Quests
Quest Region
Regulating the Reservoir Lanayru
Surveying the Volcano Eldin
Revitalize Those in the Skies Hebra
Patrolling the Desert Gerudo
List of Unlock Services Quests
Quest Region
Brilliance for the Boutique Hebra
Gotta Have a Sign Eldin
Shop-Quick Store Lanayru
Pumpkin Burglars Necluda
Wanted: Shop Assistant Gerudo
An End to Fighting Central Hyrule
Wedding Worry Akkala
On the Hook Faron
Swanked-Up Stable Central Hyrule
Help Them on Their Way Central Hyrule
Curry Connoisseur Central Hyrule
Anything but Bugs Akkala
Hoping for Heat Relief Eldin
Brawny Blacksmiths Central Hyrule
Entrance Test Central Hyrule
Dyeing to Make Contact Necluda
Relief for Soldier Stress Central Hyrule
List of Improve Services Quests
Quest Region
Great Bridge Repairs Hebra
What Bad Weather? Central Hyrule
The Lazy Guards Central Hyrule
Floria Bridge Protection Faron
Lighting the Way Central Hyrule
Rebuilding Akkala Bridge Akkala
The Marita Exchange Central Hyrule
Goods on the Move in Hyrule! Central Hyrule
Quarry Recruiting Central Hyrule
Shiny New Tools Central Hyrule
Off to the Hot Springs Eldin
A Monumental Undertaking Lanayru
Tales of the Molten Forge Eldin
The Legendary Blacksmith Central Hyrule
Caring for the Statues Gerudo
Secret of the Rito Artisans Hebra
From Rusty to Trusty Central Hyrule
Better Rust-Busting Eldin
Road to Rust Research Gerudo
Tactics for Small Foes Central Hyrule
The Instructor's Problem Central Hyrule
Facing Powerful Enemies Central Hyrule
An Eye for Weapons Central Hyrule
A Sparkling Solution Necluda
Custom-Made Color Necluda
A Color Seen in a Dream Necluda
List of Material Quests
Quest Region
Fang for Your Buck Akkala
A Rumor about Skull Lake Akkala
Cold Desert Nights Gerudo
Visiting a Special Shop Akkala
Research of a Lifetime Hebra
The Master Chef Gerudo
A Painter's Inspiration Akkala
List of Cooking Quests
Quest Region
Hot Meals in a Pot Central Hyrule
Stumped by Shrooms Hebra
The Pumpkin Hunt Necluda
A Balm for the Soul Lanayru
Needs a Splash of... Gerudo
Really New Recipe Lanayru
Relieving Meat Fatigue Faron
Just like Mama Made Gerudo
Dish for a Diva Hebra
A Feast of Greens Central Hyrule
Fine Bites from Lurelin Village Faron
Bounty of the Sea Faron
A Bird in the Hand Central Hyrule
Bee Very Careful Central Hyrule
Extreme Foraging Central Hyrule
Afternoon Tea at Hyrule Castle Central Hyrule
Mystery Meal for the Merchant Akkala
Unexpected Discovery Lanayru
Cooking for the Common Cold Central Hyrule
Superb Fish Dish Faron
Who's Shocked by Lightning? Faron
Extreme Survival Cuisine Central Hyrule
A Birthday Treat Central Hyrule
Best-Ever Batter Hebra
The Blessing of Deya Lake Necluda
The Legendary Recipe Central Hyrule
List of Battle Support Quests
Quest Region
More Rattle, More Dance! Central Hyrule
The Korok Ballet Central Hyrule
Good Cheer Central Hyrule
Parade for the Champions Central Hyrule
Forest Minuet Central Hyrule
Birthday Waltz Central Hyrule
The Sweetest Salsa Central Hyrule
Gerudo Canyon Festival Gerudo
Fantastic Flamenco Central Hyrule
A Most Peculiar Korok Central Hyrule
The Treasure Detector Akkala
Upgrading the Detector Central Hyrule
List of Sheikah Sensor Quests
Quest Region
Needed: Researchers! Akkala
Feed the Research Akkala
Sweeten the Research Akkala
Fuel Up with Plants Akkala
List of Contribution Level Quests
Quest Region
The Hope of All Hyrule Central Hyrule
The Hope of Central Hyrule Central Hyrule
The Hope of Hebra Hebra
The Hope of Akkala Akkala
The Hope of Eldin Eldin
The Hope of Lanayru Lanayru
The Hope of Necluda Necluda
The Hope of Faron Faron
The Hope of Gerudo Gerudo

EX Research Quests

List of EX Research Quests
Quest Icon
A Helping Claw Flail
An Abundance of Apples Apple
Analyzing Vicious Behavior Monster
An Apple a Day Apple
Applied Research: Clawsome Power Flail
Applied Research: Magnetic Inspiration Flail
Applied Research: Royal Guardians Flail
Better Safe Than Sorry Master Cycle
Frugal Fruit Apple
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Hylian Blacksmith Guild
Hungry Hunches Pouch
Magnificent Mass Flail
Power Play: Bombs Away Remote Bombs
Power Play: Go with the Flow Stasis
Power Play: Magnetic Mayhem Magnesis
Power Play: Nice and Icy Cryonis
Present for the Princess Master Cycle
Ride On Master Cycle
Riding Free Master Cycle
Roll Out the Research Ancient Screw
Safety First Master Cycle
Sensor of the Heart Sheikah Sensor
Supporting the Local Economy Pouch
The Battle-Tested Guardian Battle-Tested Guardian
The Blazing-Blue Blades Flail
The Deal with Seals Hylian Blacksmith Guild
The Many Sources of Strength Hylian Blacksmith Guild
The Menace of Vicious Monsters Monster
The Relic of Legend Monster
The Source of Strength Hylian Blacksmith Guild
The Technology of Disassembly Ancient Screw
The Ultimate Relic Monster
Top-Secret Request Master Cycle
Turn Up the Heat Ancient Screw
Working with the Blacksmith Guild Hylian Blacksmith Guild


Names in Other Regions
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