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Razor Swords are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Uses and Location

Majora's Mask

The Razor Sword is obtained by upgrading the Kokiri Sword at the Mountain Smithy for 100 Rupees.[1] Link must leave his Kokiri Sword at the smithy for an entire day before the Sword is ready. Once completed, the Razor Sword features a double blade with increased range and double the strength. However, its edge will dull after one hundred strikes and become the Kokiri Sword once again.[2][3]

Playing the "Song of Time" to go back to the First Day will revert the Razor Sword back to the Kokiri Sword. However, the Razor Sword can be further upgraded to the Gilded Sword, which will not revert back to the Kokiri Sword.

Other Appearances

SoulCalibur II

In SoulCalibur II, the Razor Sword is one of Link's weapons. Paired with the Hylian Shield, the Razor Sword can be bought in the Regulus Shop for 600 Gold while playing the Weapon Master Mode. When Link equips the Razor Sword, his attack goes up to 125% while his defense stays the same. However, due to the Sword's short reach, Link will take 15% block damage compared to the usual 10%.[4]

Image Cost Attributes In-game Description
600 Gold
Attack goes up 25%
Short reach
Takes 15% block damage
A sword forged by the blacksmith from the Mountain Village on Snowhead. The blacksmith is famous for his perfectionism--this sword is yet another excellent example of his craftsmanship and boasts an amazingly sharp cutting edge. Unfortunately, the metal used to forge this blade is prone to chipping, so there remains some concern about its defensive capabilities.


  • The blades of the Razor Sword resemble the rightmost strokes of the kanji , meaning "Sword". Whether or not this was intentional is unknown.


Names in Other Regions
フェザーソード (Fezā Sōdo) (MM)[7]Feather Sword
The Federal Republic of Germany
Elfenschwert (MM)[8]Elven Sword
The Italian Republic
Fendipiuma (MM | MM3D)[5][6]Portmanteau of fendere (slice) and piuma (feather)
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