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The Realm of Memories is a Stage in Four Swords Anniversary Edition.[1]

Entrance to the Realm

The Realm of Memories appears once Vaati's Palace has been completed for the first time. Initially a Triforce symbol embedded within the Sea of Trees, the activated symbol glows and becomes surrounded by sparkling lights. A beam then shoots into the sky from each Triforce piece, and the symbol raises to hover above the forest.

Like Vaati's Palace, the Realm of Memories entrance has three color-coded doors. However, each door has a unique set of non-randomized levels. Initially, only the silver and golden doors are visible, and the silver door must be completed first.[2]

Once the golden door has been completed, a shutter will open to reveal the third and final door.[2] Placed between the sliver and golden doors, the hero's door bears a blue symbol resembling the Royal Crest.

Themes and Navigation

The Realm of Memories is themed on different areas from The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening and A Link to the Past, with the game's graphics changing to match the relevant art style. The levels are longer and slightly more difficult than the four other main Stages, though they do not contain Bosses.

Silver Door

The silver door levels are themed around A Link to the Past. The first level is based on the Hyrule Castle exterior. It includes puzzles requiring the use of the Shield, Pegasus Shoes, and Bombs.

The second level is based on the Hyrule Castle interior and largely consists of narrow passageways, often in combination with Flying Floors. It contains several Cracked Blocks and includes puzzles requiring the Magnetic Glove or Bombs.

The third level is based on the Lost Woods and features dense areas consisting of Floor Spikes and Holes. The Gnat Hat is heavily used to navigate across small moving Platforms, and Bombs are used to activate otherwise-unreachable Shock Switches.


Minor Enemies

Golden Door

The golden door levels are themed around Link's Awakening. The first level is based on the Mysterious Forest with elements of Goponga Swamp and Koholint Prairie. It contains an abundance of Cracked Blocks, Locked Blocks, and Holes, with puzzles requiring the Roc's Cape, Chain Chomp, and Bombs.

The doorways of the Telephone Booth and Mr. Write's house have hidden chests containing large Rupees.

The second level is based on Tail Cave and consists of a mixture of small rooms and open areas. Most of the dungeon is scattered with Cracked Floor Tiles and Holes. It has multiple puzzles that can be solved using either the Roc's Cape or Magnetic Gloves.

The third level is based on Tal Tal Heights, gradually evolving into Tal Tal Mountain Range and culminating at Mt. Tamaranch. The mountainous area has several Holes and steaming geysers that require the Roc's Cape. There are also areas accessed via Eyeball Switches and a Switch puzzle involving movable Statues.


Minor Enemies

Hero's Door

The hero's door levels are themed around The Legend of Zelda. The first level is based on the central Overworld with moderately-sized areas. Several Cracked Blocks and Eyegores require frequent use of Bombs and the Bow, respectively. A series of islands also require the Roc's Cape.

The second level is based on the western Overworld, including the Lost Woods and Graveyard. It heavily features spring tiles for navigation, though the Boomerang is also used to activate a Lever.

The third level is based on Level 1 and consists of several rooms. Dense collections of Holes often require the use of the Boomerang or Bow to solve puzzles.

Completion of the hero's door rewards the Links with the Master Sword, allowing Sword Beams to be fired when the Life Gauge is full.[3] This is reflected on the File-Selection Screen with a Sword Beam icon.


Minor Enemies


  • All of the games referenced in the Realm of Memories actually take place after Four Swords according to the Zelda Timeline.


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