Realm of the Heavens (Stage)

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The Realm of the Heavens is the eighth and last level in Four Swords Adventures.[1] It consists of three stages: Realm of the Heavens, The Dark Cloud, and Palace of Winds.

Realm of the Heavens Area

The area is unusual among other The Legend of Zelda series landscapes for being in clouds. Naturally, the terrain is a fluffy white material and pitfalls are common. One of the most difficult obstacles in the area is a set of tiles alternating colors that only Links of respective color can cross.

The Ball and Chain Soldier faced midway through has the added difficulty of using a flaming weapon. The Boss of the stage is the Big Dodongo.

Items Obtained in this Area

Minor Enemies


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Contrée des Cieux[3]Country of the Heavens
The Federal Republic of Germany
Himmelsgefilde[4]Heaven Realms
The Italian Republic
Reame Celeste[2]Celestial Realm
The Kingdom of Spain
Reino Celeste[5]Sky Kingdom
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