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Makeela Riju is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][17][18][19]


Breath of the Wild

Riju is the young chief of the Gerudo, ruling over Gerudo Town after the untimely passing of her mother.[4][14] Riju was her mother's only child, causing the duties of leading the Gerudo to fall to her.[20] Riju resides in the Royal Palace, with her Bedroom being located on the second floor. At the time of Breath of the Wild, she is approximately 12 years old.[13]

Throughout her childhood, Riju's mother recounted many stories about the Champions and the Great Calamity to her daughter. One of these focused on Divine Beast Vah Naboris, which she referred to as a guardian Deity of the Gerudo.[21] She holds a great deal of respect for her ancestor Urbosa,[13] often remarking that among other ancestors, she must be looking down at them and working to keep them safe.[22][23][24] Similarly, Riju admires Nabooru, one of the Sages who sealed Calamity Ganon when he was still a Gerudo.[25] Riju also heard stories about Zelda placing Link into a Slumber of Restoration after he was defeated during the Calamity, as well as Zelda hiding the Master Sword in a forest.[26][27]

As evidenced by the Sand Seal design on her skirt and Sand-Seal Toys in her Bedroom, Riju loves Sand Seals.[13][28] Prior to her death, Riju's mother gave her Patricia as a present.[29] Despite Patricia's rugged appearance, Riju regularly dotes on her, and Patricia is always ready to go surfing with her.[30] The red ribbon that Patricia wears was a gift to her from Riju.[30]

Riju keeps a journal known as the Chief's Diary, which she keeps in her Bedroom.[1] She started the Diary shortly after the death of her mother, which Buliara informed her of.[14] While Buliara told Riju that her mother was in a better place, Riju could not understand how it could be better if they were apart.[14] After becoming the chief, Riju noticed that the people of Gerudo Town started acting nicer to her, but she still saw worry in their eyes.[31] As a result, she wonders if she could be as great of a chief as her mother was.[32]

When Divine Beast Vah Naboris reactivated and began roaming the East Barrens, Riju planned to investigate it, claiming that it seemed to be acting contrary to her mother's words.[21] She approached the Divine Beast with Patricia, but she decided to turn back after encountering its Sandstorm and Lightning.[33] However, Patricia was scared by a Monster, resulting in them turning directly towards Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[34] The next thing Riju is able to recall was being rescued by Buliara.[35] Afterwards, Riju concluded that the Gerudo would be in grave danger if Divine Beast Vah Naboris attacked them.[36]

Following Riju's encounter with Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Buliara refused to leave her side.[37] This continued even after the Thunder Helm was stolen from the Royal Palace, which Riju fears happened due to her being unprepared to be the chief.[38] Though no one has said as much, Riju believes that the soldiers consider her to be powerless.[39] Even after the Yiga Clan were identified as the thieves, the Gerudo were unable to approach their Hideout.[40] In desperation, Riju prayed to her mother and Urbosa for guidance.[41]

Contrary to Riju's opinion of herself, the soldiers directly guarding the Royal Palace express admiration towards her, referring to her as kind and warning travelers to avoid offending her.[42][43] Riju has also kept the Palace open to visitors, despite Gerudo Town's state of emergency.[43][44]

A screenshot of Riju in the Royal Palace's Throne Room. Text on-screen displays her name, along with the title "Gerudo Chief".
Riju's introduction

When Link first enters the Royal Palace's Throne Room, Riju will greet him from her Throne, wondering how he managed to reach the Palace.[45] She then notices the Sheikah Slate on Link's hip, which piques her interest.[46] Buliara will then stop Link and demand he explain his business.[4] Riju calms Buliara, stating that Link appears to be special and asking his name.[47] After hearing his name, she asks what it is that he came to tell her.[48]

Upon hearing that Link can calm Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Buliara is sceptical, since he is not a Champion like Riju's ancestor Urbosa.[49] Riju suddenly recalls her mother's tales about Link, noting that the two have the same name.[26] If Link does not yet have the Master Sword, Buliara will point this out to Riju.[50] Riju cites legends that Zelda hid it in a forest.[27] She also points out Link's Sheikah Slate, reasoning that the Sheikah would not allow just anybody to carry it around.[51] While attempting to remember stories of the Champions, Buliara realizes that Link must be a man.[52] Though men are not allowed within Gerudo Town, Riju decides to allow Link to stay, especially since he has offered to help them face Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[53]

Riju informs Link that the Gerudo have yet to find a way to appease Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[54] She reasons that if Link is truly a Champion, he will be able to enter and calm Vah Naboris.[55] Buliara urges Riju not to trust a stranger with such an important task, suggesting that he prove himself worthy by recovering the stolen Thunder Helm.[56] Riju agrees with this suggestion, and she proceeds to explain that the Thunder Helm is the only thing in Hyrule that can withstand Divine Beast Vah Naboris's Lightning.[57] However, she reveals that her family heirloom has been stolen.[58] Buliara assures Riju that, as a Champion, Link should easily be able to retrieve the Helm.[59] She directs Link to Captain Teake in the Barracks nearby to learn more about the thieves.[60] Before Link leaves, Riju states that his arrival must be a sign that Urbosa is looking out for them.[22] This starts the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest.

If Link speaks to Riju again, she expresses her disbelief that the Thunder Helm could have been stolen, referring to it as the most discouraging event to ever occur in Gerudo Town.[61] Riju believes that Urbosa and her other ancestors are looking down on them with shame, and she wonders if her people can tell how powerless she is.[23] Buliara intervenes, telling Riju not to take it personally and that the soldiers and herself are to blame, commenting that she should have been more vigilant.[62] Riju then tells Buliara that she does not need to beat herself up about it.[63]

Once Link returns from the Yiga Clan Hideout with the Thunder Helm, he will be directed to meet with Riju outside of her Bedroom.[64] When Link approaches her, she is able to sense the power of the Thunder Helm on his person.[65] Riju confesses her insecurities about becoming a leader at such a young age, claiming that she has tried to prove her worth to both her people and herself.[66] As a result, the theft of the Thunder Helm left her feeling disheartened.[67] She once again credits Urbosa for Link's arrival in Gerudo Town.[24] Riju then asks Link to hand her the Thunder Helm. After equipping the Helm, she quietly asks Link how she looks.[68] This causes Link to recall the "Urbosa's Hand" Recovered Memory.

Once the Recovered Memory ends, Riju notes that Link is staring at her, but she proclaims this does not matter and reiterates her previous question.[69] If Link tells Riju it looks good, Riju will be comforted, though it then proceeds to slightly slip off her head.[70] If Link admits that the Thunder Helm is too big for her, the Helm slips off to the side, which Riju makes a dry remark about.[71]

Returning to the task at hand, Riju admits that, with the threat of Divine Beast Vah Naboris growing, she fears Gerudo Town may soon become a target.[72] She feels that, as both the chief and a Gerudo herself, she is responsible for protecting her people, and she asks Link if he is willing to help her.[73] Link's simple assurance puts her at ease.[74] Riju tells Link to meet her at the Lookout Post to prepare for the attack on Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[75] Since the only way to approach Vah Naboris is by riding a Sand Seal, Riju suggests he ride one to the Lookout Post to get some practice.[76] Both Riju and Patricia will be waiting there for him.[15] Before she leaves, the Thunder Helm once again slips off her head, and she laments that it is too big.[77]

When Link arrives to the Lookout Post, he will be able to find Riju at the very top. If he is not wearing the Gerudo Outfit, she notes that it is uncommon for her to meet a man.[78] She then remarks that Divine Beast Vah Naboris is intimidating, and she asks Link if he is ready to face it.[79] If Link confirms that he is, Riju goes over their plan, which involves drawing close to the Divine Beast with their Sand Seals.[80] Once he is close, Link must shoot its feet with Bomb Arrows, which will disrupt its ability to drag energy from the ground.[81] She also instructs Link to stay close to her to avoid getting shocked by Lightning, since the Thunder Helm will be able to shield a small area around her.[82] Should Link become too injured to keep going, Riju tells him to return to the Lookout Post.[83] Lastly, Riju gives Link a bundle of 20 Bomb Arrows to use during the fight.[84]

A screenshot of Riju wearing the Thunder Helm. Patricia can be seen in the distance. Her dialogue reads "Oh, wow! I can feel their power coursing through me!"
Riju after activating the Thunder Helm

Riju then asks Link to once again confirm he is ready.[85] When Link confirms that he is, the pair will depart for the East Barrens. Before they begin, Riju asks Link to give her some space.[86] Holding her arms skyward, Riju introduces herself as a descendant of the royal line and leader of the Gerudo and declares that she will calm Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[87] She then gathers power by asking her ancestors to aid her.[88] Green energy will then form a forcefield around Riju, and she claims that she can feel her ancestors' power flowing through her.[89] After fixing her askew Thunder Helm, she declares that it is time for them to move.[90] Turning away from Link, she asks Urbosa to protect them both.[91]

Link and Riju then ride their Sand Seals into Divine Beast Vah Naboris's Sandstorm. Link must ride close to Riju in order to avoid being struck by Lightning. During the battle, Riju will prompt Link about when to strike the Divine Beast's feet.[92][93][94] She will also warn him of impending Lightning strikes and urge him to stay close to her.[95][96] Whenever Link deactivates one of the feet, Riju will praise him.[97][98][99][100]

A screenshot of Riju and Link standing before Divine Beast Vah Naboris, which has collapsed to the ground. Their Sand Seals are positioned at either side of them.
Riju and Link after fighting Divine Beast Vah Naboris

After Divine Beast Vah Naboris collapses, Link and Riju regroup. Removing the Thunder Helm, Riju states that she is unable to appease Naboris, and she leaves the rest of the task to Link.[101] As she watches Link enter the Divine Beast, she tells him not to let them down.[102]

When Link returns to the Royal Palace after freeing Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Riju will be relieved to see him.[103] Though she is still worried about the fate of Hyrule, she is comforted to have dealt with the immediate threat to Gerudo Town.[104] As thanks for Link's help, Riju offers him the contents of two Treasure Chests behind her Throne, which she claims are priceless pieces of equipment that were once worn by Urbosa.[105] She believes that it is right for Link to have them because he and Urbosa were once friends.[106] The Chests contain the Champion's Arms, the Daybreaker and the Scimitar of the Seven. Once Riju and Link's conversation ends, the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest will be completed.

Afterwards, Riju will claim that she heard a voice calling her name while fighting Divine Beast Vah Naboris, which she believes to have been Urbosa.[107] If Link responds by calling Riju by her name, Buliara will scold him for doing so.[108] However, Riju tells Buliara to let it pass, since she enjoys hearing her name.[109]

With Divine Beast Vah Naboris calmed, Riju makes a new entry in the Chief's Diary, where she refers to Link as the answer to her prayers.[110] She notes that, while Buliara was initially wary of Link, she trusts him after he was able to retrieve the Thunder Helm.[111] This surprises Riju, since she has always known Buliara to follow the rules.[112]

When Link examines the Thunder Helm next to Riju's Throne, Buliara will stop him, since his status as a hero does not permit him to take the heirloom.[113] However, Riju interjects, calming Buliara and asking Link if he desires the Helm.[114] If Link confirm that he wants it, Riju claims that she is unable to give him something so precious.[115] Since Link is facing that same enemy as Urbosa, though, Riju decides that she can lend it to him.[116]

Should Link agree to borrow it, Riju reveals that he must gain the trust of the Gerudo in order to prove he is worthy of borrowing such a cultural treasure.[117] To do this, he must bring peace back to Gerudo Town by solving the problems of those who live there.[118] This starts "The Thunder Helm" Side Quest. Riju reminds Link that he cannot fix Gerudo Town with only power.[119]

If Link speaks to Riju while the Side Quest is active, she states that some of Urbosa's power remains within the Thunder Helm.[120] As a result, she cannot allow Link to wield that power until he has proven himself to be a friend of the Gerudo.[121]

After "The Thunder Helm" is started, the final entry will appear in the Chief's Diary. Riju admits that she wanted to give him the Thunder Helm outright, but she had to uphold the value it has to the Gerudo.[122] She recounts that she used to spend so much time worrying about the Gerudo and whether she would be able to lead them, but she believes that Link helped her learn to look toward the future.[123] One day, she hopes that the two of them can face each other in a Sand-Seal Race.[124]

After completing all of the Side Quests in Gerudo Town, Link can return to Riju, who tells him that she has heard of his actions in delivering happiness to her people.[125] Riju thanks Link on behalf of her people, stating that he will always be a true friend of the Gerudo.[126] As a reward, Riju keeps her promise and lends Link the Thunder Helm.[127] Riju assures Link that he will be able to use the Thunder Helm to its full potential, and she believes he will be able to unlock the power of Urbosa left inside.[128]

Once "The Thunder Helm" is completed, Riju will take up a daily schedule throughout the Royal Palace. In the mornings, she wakes up at 7:00 AM to head to the Palace Courtyard and speak with Patricia, which she previously did before Divine Beast Vah Naboris's rampage began.[129] If Link speaks to her, she divulges that Patricia has the ability to deliver divine messages in return for Fruit, though she can only be understood by a select few.[130] Padda, who takes care of Patricia, notes that Riju is returning to her regular self now that Gerudo Town is safe.[131]

When Link talks to Riju during the day, she asks if he is still worried about Gerudo Town's safety.[132] She also wonders if he is so comfortable in Gerudo Town that he cannot imagine leaving.[133] Riju reminds Link that he is needed elsewhere and will need to leave eventually, though she welcomes him to stay in Gerudo Town whenever he would like after saving Hyrule.[134] On her way to her Bedroom, Riju is relieved to have finished her work for the day.[135] She recalls that affairs were hectic when Divine Beast Vah Naboris was active, and she is relieved that Link was able to calm it.[136]

A screenshot of Riju inside her bedroom, appearing excited in front of a Sand-Seal Toy.
Riju playing with her Sand-Seal Toys

At 8:00 PM, Riju returns to her Bedroom. While there, she plays with her Sand-Seal Toys.[137] If Link approaches her during this time, she will become embarrassed, telling him to ignore the Toys.[138] She then turns on Link, calling him rude for entering someone's room at night.[139] Later on in the night, she spends time reading the tablet in the back of the room, where she remarks that her mother's soul is always with her.[140] She expresses her belief that her mother led Link to Gerudo town in some way.[141] While she is heading to bed at 3:00 AM, she will tell Link that he cannot stay in her Bedroom.[142] She instead directs him to the Hotel Oasis, which she has heard good things about.[143] In her sleep, Riju mumbles about her mother.[144]

During The Champions' Ballad Downloadable Content Pack, Link gains the ability to ask Riju about Urbosa.[145] She reveals that the Gerudo discovered Urbosa's Diary after Divine Beast Vah Naboris was calmed, and she learned that Urbosa was friends with the late Queen of Hyrule.[146] When Link asks about the Diary, Riju discloses that it is in her bedroom, and she is certain Urbosa would trust him to read it.[147] At the end of their conversation, Riju proclaims that Urbosa is smiling upon them, and she resolves to protect the fragile peace of Gerudo Town.[148]

When the "EX Champion Urbosa's Song" Main Quest is active, Link is able to ask Riju about the Sacred Orb of the Gerudo.[149] Through this, she realizes that Link is attempting to challenge the same Divine Beast Tamer's Trial that Urbosa did 100 years ago.[150] She confesses that the Sacred Orb was stolen by the Yiga Clan, just as the Thunder Helm was.[151] Only Riju and Buliara are aware that the Sacred Orb is missing.[152] Once again, Riju asks Link to recover their treasure from the Yiga Clan Hideout, allowing him to use the Sacred Orb however he needs to in order to complete the Trial.[153] She contemplates that it may be fate that Link would recover the Sacred Orb he needs for the Trial, and she wishes him luck in doing so.[154] Riju apologizes for yet again having Link solve the problems of the Gerudo, but she says that she is counting on him.[155]

Tears of the Kingdom

In the time since Breath of the Wild, Riju has grown into her role as chief of the Gerudo. She has become close friends with both Zelda and Link, even referring to Zelda without her title of "Princess".[156] Like her ancestor Urbosa, Riju now commands a Power of Lightning of her own, though she has not been able to aim it accurately.[157] Isha also chose to create a pair of Arms of the Seven for Riju, and she now carries two Scimitars of the Seven as a result.[158][159]

After the issue with Divine Beast Vah Naboris was resolved, Riju vowed to strengthen the Gerudo Soldiers[160] However, Riju struggled with finalizing this plan, until Zelda visited and suggested that the Soldiers become more in touch with the Gerudo Desert.[161] Her words inspired Riju to create the Southern Oasis Training Area, which focuses on improving one's mobility on Sand.[162]

When Gloom began to seep from beneath Hyrule Castle, Riju expressed concern for Zelda and Link in her Diary, though she believed that they would be able to discover its source.[156] At the start of the Upheaval, she was worried by the reports that they had gone missing and wondered if they were safe, especially when the Castle began to float and Sky Islands appeared.[163] Afterwards, a large Sand Shroud covered the Gerudo Desert, forcing the residents of Gerudo Town to hide in the Gerudo Shelter.[164] Alongside the Gerudo Soldiers, Riju went to investigate the Sand Shroud, but they were ambushed by Gibdos during the First Encounter.[165] Although Riju's Power of Lightning was effective against them, she was unable to strike them accurately, and the Gerudo Soldiers were forced into the Gerudo Shelter as well.[157][166][167] Riju blamed herself for her failure to protect the Gerudo, so she left Buliara in charge of the Shelter and left to train at the North Gerudo Ruins.[7][168][169] She believed it was what Zelda would advise her to do, and she prayed that Urbosa would watch over them and keep Zelda and Link safe.[170]

Link travels to meet with Riju in the ruins where he finds her calling down Lightning to hit a training dummy, but repeatedly missing.[171] Link tells her about the events that occurred underneath Hyrule Castle, and she tells Link about the problems in Gerudo Desert. She asks Link to help her train by shooting guiding arrows at the training dummies so she can accurately aim her Lightning.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

A screenshot of Riju inside Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Text on-screen displays her name, along with the title "Child of Lightning".
Riju's introduction

During the "Rescue Across Time: Air and Lightning" Movie that plays before the "Air and Lightning" Scenario begins, Riju and Patricia exit one of Terrako's portals and arrive inside Divine Beast Vah Naboris, where they save Urbosa from Thunderblight Ganon. Urbosa is shocked by Riju's sudden appearance,[172] but Riju insists that they should focus on the fight first and foremost.[173]

After one of the Warriors enters Divine Beast Vah Naboris, the "Avatar of the Calamity: Thunderblight Ganon" Movie begins. Leaning against Patricia, Riju laments that she is not strong enough to protect Urbosa.[174] In response, Urbosa places a hand on Riju's shoulder, assuring her that she bought them time for the other Warriors to appear.[175] As the battle with Thunderblight Ganon begins, Riju recognizes the Warrior that came to help them, but she decides that they need to defeat their enemy first.[176] During the fight, she also complains about Thunderblight Ganon's speed,[177] to which Urbosa instructs her to focus on the gaps in its defenses.[178]

Once Thunderblight Ganon has been vanquished, Urbosa thanks Riju and the Warrior for rescuing her.[179] She then uses Divine Beast Vah Naboris's Lightning to destroy the top of Mount Rhoam, creating Updrafts that allow the Warriors access to Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[180] After doing so, however, she becomes to tired to continue fighting, so Riju joins the Warriors in her stead.[181] At this time, Riju is unlocked as a playable Warrior.[182] She tells her fellow Warriors to meet up with the Rito Soldiers nearby, believing they would be capable of opening the Outpost gates that block their path.[183] Upon finding the Rito Captains under attack, Riju decides that they must help them in order to proceed.[184] Following this, the Rito Captains open the gates for them, though they warn the Warriors about a White-Maned Lynel on top of Mount Rhoam.[185][186] When the White-Maned Lynel is defeated, Riju directs one of the Warriors to ride the Updraft while the others provide support from the ground.[187]

At the end of the Scenario, the "Counterattack: Air and Lightning" Movie plays, Riju gathers with Urbosa on top of Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Urbosa thanks the Warriors for their help, specifically singling out Riju for saving her.[188][189] However, Riju refuses to take all the credit, since everyone participated in the fight.[190]

At the outset of the "Each Step Like Thunder" Quest, the "Vah Naboris's Pilots" Movie plays. Using Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Urbosa and Riju attempt to stem the amount of Guardians coming from Hyrule Field.[191] From on top of Divine Beast Vah Naboris, the pair overlook the hordes of Guardians. Riju compares the sight to a nightmare,[192] but Urbosa reassures her that they can defeat them together.[193] Riju is still unconvinced, asking how they can manage to fight against such a massive horde.[194] Kneeling down to be eye level with Riju, Urbosa reminds Riju that if it were not for her, they would not have been able to pilot Divine Beast Vah Naboris, and she believes nothing will be able to stop them.[195] Riju nods, finally agreeing with Urbosa.[196] Stepping forward, Urbosa asks Riju to take her hand.[197] When Riju does so, the pair jump off Naboris's head and into its body, causing Riju to scream in excitement.

While fighting the Guardians, Urbosa states that as two Gerudo women, the odds are in their favor.[198] Riju agrees with her, promising to help as best she can despite her lack of experience.[199] She admits to Urbosa that she has struggled with her inexperience ever since coming to her aid,[200] but Urbosa insists that she has proven to her that the Gerudo will thrive once she is gone.[201] After defeating many of the Guardians heading to Fort Hateno, Urbosa proclaims that Riju is a strong ally.[202] In return, Riju expresses her desire to one day be as powerful as Urbosa.[203] Riju recalls her mother's stories about Vah Naboris being a guardian of the Gerudo,[204] to which Urbosa informs her that it was named after the Sage Nabooru.[205] After defeating all of the Guardians, Urbosa commends Riju for her courage,[206] Riju states she was only so courageous because of Urbosa's help, before stating that they should continue to fight the rest of the Guardians.[207]

A screenshot of Riju and Urbosa looking at each other while standing atop Divine Beast Vah Naboris.
Riju and Urbosa

Following the completion of the Divine Beast section, the "Champions United" Movie plays. As Riju and Urbosa overlook the defeated Guardians, night falls, causing a horde of Stal Monsters to rise from the ground. More Guardians and Monsters also appear. Urbosa states that they are not having an easy time,[208] but Riju attests that they will be able to stand their ground.[209] She calls Riju a "vai after [her] own heart"[210] at which point a laser from Divine Beast Vah Medoh shoots across the sky. Divine Beast Vah Ruta and Divine Beast Vah Rudania arrive and launch their own attacks on the Guardians, causing Urbosa and Riju to laugh together. Urbosa makes a remark about how long they took.[211]

In the All Hyrule United Scenario, Purah has not only restored the power to the Sheikah Towers, but she also supercharged them to summon the armies of all races, including the Champions and their Divine Beasts. Riju is notably more optimistic on how well things have gotten[212] as Urbosa awaited orders from the princess.[213] With her father's blessing, Princess Zelda takes command of the army and gives them a pep speech before attacking the outposts and slaying the monsters that maintain the barrier so that the Champion Pilots can open fire with their Divine Beasts. Despite the Blood Moon reviving the fallen monsters and giving the Hyruleans a hard time, they managed to break through to Hyrule Castle.

In The Future of Hyrule, As the ground and air forces storm towards the castle to confront the villains, Harbinger Ganon and Astor, who have put up much of a fight, but they are defeated. Astor's composure finally breaks as he orders the harbinger to consume the heroes, but he himself was consumed and some of the Malice takes control of Terrako and unwillingly turns on Link and Zelda. With Terrako badly damaged, Riju and the warriors take a moment of silence for its sake as Zelda vows to ensure that Calamity Ganon falls as they charge upstairs to deal with the beast waiting for them. At first, Ganon was too powerful for them due to reincarnating successfully to the point where Zelda attempted to use her power to seal it. It did, however, bring Terrako back up and rushes upstairs to sacrifice itself to destroy Ganon's defense, allowing the heroes to beat it down. Link uses the Master Sword to critically weaken Ganon enough for Zelda to finally destroy him forever. With Hyrule at peace once more, Terrako's blessed screw uses its power to send Riju, Teba, Yunobo, and Sidon back to the future. Urbosa and Riju exchange good-byes, with the former assuring the latter will do well to lead her people in the right direction,[214] with Riju replying that it was an honor to fight alongside her.[215] She vanishes with the other three as the princess wishes them a better future.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC EX Liberate the Ancient Lab, Riju and Urbosa assist the Science Academy and the Sheikah by keeping the monsters and the Yiga Clan led by Master Kohga. After the dust clears, Urbosa compliments how well Riju handled the Thunder Helm.[216] Riju was about to make a reply on her duties as the future Chief of the Gerudo[217] before Kohga suddenly yanks it from her hands and places it on his top knot and dares Urbosa to use her lightning attack against him, claiming that it wouldn't work on him, but Urbosa knew that he doesn't know how to use it and manages to shock him anyway, allowing Riju to retrieve it. Master Kohga is flabbergasted that Urbosa actually struck him so easily despite having it while Urbosa shoots back that it would take him a hundred years for him to figure it out,[218] and Kohga pitches a fit and claims that he will have it even if it took him that long before vanishing, allowing both Gerudo Chiefs to catch a break.

In the secret DLC ending, Riju and Urbosa are surfing in the sands of Gerudo Desert on their sand-seals and enjoying every moment of it. Later Riju is seen interacting with the other Champions, present and future, as Terrako joins in amusing them.



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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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The Kingdom of the Netherlands
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Riju (BotW | TotK)
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Riju (BotW | TotK | HWAoC)[221]
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Riju (BotW | TotK | HWAoC)
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Riju (BotW | TotK)
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Riju (BotW)
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Riju (BotW | TotK)
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