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Rollgoal is a Minigame in Twilight Princess.[1]

Location and Rules

Rollgoal is a minigame invented by Hena.[1] It is located inside her hut in the Fishing Hole in the Upper Zora's River. In order to play it, Link must go into first-person perspective and examine the game board located close to the entrance door. It costs 5 Rupees per game and awards 10 Rupees for a win.[2]

Rollgoal involves moving a glass ball over a path all the way to the goal within the time limit without dropping it. The game can be played by tilting the Wii Remote, the Control Stick in the GameCube controller, or the Wii U GamePad.[3] The camera angle can also be changed by tilting the Control Stick in the Nunchuk, the C-Stick in the GameCube controller, or the Right Control Stick in the Wii U GamePad.

Each time Link completes a level, a new one becomes available once he enters the hut again. Once the first eight levels are completed, Link is awarded with the Frog Lure.[4] Each time Link completes the eight levels, he can replay them in the same order; however, each time they will be mirrored and with 20 seconds less in the time limit.[5] If Link completes all 64 levels, Hena will completely fill his Wallet.[6] Link will also be able to choose and play any level with an increased time limit for free;[7] however, Hena will not reward him with any Rupees afterwards.[8]


  • It is possible to cheat by rolling the ball over gaps; however, Hena will catch Link if he attempts to do so, forcing him to pay another 5 Rupees and start the level again.[9]


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