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The Sea of Trees is a Stage in Four Swords.[1]

Entrance to the Forest

The Sea of Trees can be selected from the Stage-Selection Screen at any time and has no prerequisite conditions. The entrance to the forest is marked by two bird-like statues in central Hyrule.

Themes and Navigation

The Sea of Trees is a dense, overgrown forest with natural obstacles such as Trees, Logs, Grass, and Water. It is rumored that those who enter the woods never return.[2]

The Great Fairy of Forest has long been the guardian of the Sea of Trees and provides the Links with Silver, Golden, or Hero's Keys for the area depending on their performance.[3] A Big Manhandla lives deep within the woods and acts as the Stage Boss.[2]


Minor Enemies


  • The Sea of Trees symbol resembles that of the Earth Element. However, its sprite is rendered at an angle and instead appears more similar to a pointed leaf.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Mare Arboreo (FS)[4]Arboreal Sea
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