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For the location in Skyward Sword, see Lanayru Shipyard.

The Shipyard is a location featured in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Features and Overview

Located on Mercay Island, the Shipyard is where Link can go to customize the SS Linebeck with the various Ship Parts he has found throughout his adventure. Moreover, he can also talk to Gazpacho to repair the Salvage Arm: the more damaged the Salvage Arm is, the more he will charge, with the maximum fee being 100 Rupees.[2][3] However, Gazpacho does not charge for customizing Link's ship.

Link can obtain a free Ship Part by opening the Treasure Chest inside the Shipyard.


Names in Other Regions
造船所 (Zōsensho) (PH)[5] 
Chantier maritime (PH)[10] 
The French Republic
Chantier naval (PH)[8] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Werft (PH | SS)[6][7]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Cantiere (PH)[4] 
Latin America
Astillero (PH)[9] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Astillero (PH) 
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