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Gazpacho is a character in Phantom Hourglass.[2]


Gazpacho works in the Shipyard on Mercay Island.[3] In the Shipyard, Link can customize the SS Linebeck with the different Ship Parts he has collected throughout his journey.[3] If Link accidentally damages the Salvage Arm, he can visit the Shipyard to have it repaired by Gazpacho. If the Salvage Arm's life gauge runs empty, it breaks and cannot be used until Link has it repaired. Gazpacho charges Link based on the amount of damage that the Salvage Arm has sustained, up to 100 Rupees.[4]


  • In Spirit Tracks, the Bridge Worker's Home in the Snow Realm has a portrait of Gazpacho on the right side of the room. This, and the fact that both characters look similar, suggests that they are related. At the beginning of the game, Gazpacho repairs the bridge on Mercay Island, demonstrating that he possesses the same abilities as Kenzo; however, he states that he dislikes repairing bridges.[5]


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